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MBI gathers and distributes statistical information about the size and growth of the commercial modular construction industry. These reports have become the leading source of information on the industry and are used worldwide by investment firms, banks, the media, researchers, consultants, and students. Contents include General Industry Descriptions, Floors Shipped, Gross Sales, Sales by Market Segment, Dealer Gross Revenue, Lease Fleet Composition, Sale of Used Units, Industry Manufacturing Data, Industry Estimates, and Visuals of Contemporary Modular Buildings. Written in a concise fact-filled manner, these surveys are full of interesting and helpful information.

2021 Annual Industry Reports

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This report provides a regional analysis of the North American commercial modular construction market and provides valuable insights into the European and South American markets. Financial trends and forecasts, as well as revenue and market share data, are also included.

MBI obtained revenue and fleet data from member companies engaged in the sale and lease of relocatable buildings across the United States and Canada, representing the majority of all companies in the market in terms of number of companies, revenue, and units owned.

This report includes data from both sides of the Canadian commercial modular construction industry, with detailed breakdowns of Eastern (Atlantic Provinces, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba) and Western (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan) Canada. It also features case studies of recently-built structures.

Additionally, MBI's 2020 annual reports (linked below) are now free for everyone.

Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) is an innovative, sustainable construction delivery method utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate single or multi-story whole building solutions in deliverable module sections. PMC modules can be integrated into site built projects or stand alone as a turn-key solution and can be delivered with MEP, fixtures and interior finishes in less time -- with less waste, and higher quality control compared to projects utilizing only site-built construction. Recent research has come out supporting the fact that modular construction is an efficient construction process and poised to help the construction industry grow.

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Relocatable Buildings

A Relocatable Building (RB) is a partially or completely assembled building that complies with applicable codes or state regulations and is constructed in a building manufacturing facility using a modular construction process. Relocatable buildings are designed to be reused or repurposed multiple times and transported to different building sites. They are utilized for schools, construction site offices, medical clinics, sales centers, and in any application where a relocatable building can meet a temporary space need. These buildings offer fast delivery, ease of relocation, low-cost reconfiguration, accelerated depreciation schedules and enormous flexibility. Relocatable buildings are not permanently affixed to real estate but are installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation guidelines and local code requirements. These buildings are essential in cases where speed, temporary space, and the ability to relocate are necessary.

Read the complete 2020 Relocatable Buildings report—FREE!

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Canadian Commercial Modular Construction

In 2019, MBI represented 60 companies based in Canada, including 26 manufacturers of modular structures. MBI estimated that there are about a total of 45 modular manufacturers in Canada fabricating for a variety of markets including residential, multi-family, commercial, educational, and industrial sectors. There were also an estimated 15 or so smaller fabrication warehouses doing renovations and modifications for various markets. This report represents the entire modular industry—permanent modular construction and relocatable buildings—in Canada.

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2019 Annual Reports

Explore even more historical industry data in our 2019 annual reports.

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