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Emergency COVID-19 Industry Response | Modular Building Institute emergency response from the modular construction industry

The modular construction industry plays a vital role following natural disasters, assisting with both short term disaster relief and longer term rebuilding efforts. And as it has following hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes, the industry is poised to serve during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. There is simply no better means of quickly providing shelter, schools, and medical facilities in times of great need.

In emergencies, the modular constructuion industry is:


Scalability: The modular industry capacity to build 500,000 square-feet of space per week now and can ramp up to higher levels if necessary. This translates into in excess of 2,000 beds per week depending on the level of complexity.

Quick Delivery of Space: Many modular companies maintain a fleet of commercial modular buildings ready for deployment and delivery immediately.

Reduced Time Frame for Completion of Building Infrastructure: Building construction occurs simultaneously with site prep, reducing completion time by as much as 50%.


Budgeting Flexibility: Acquisition options include leasing, lease to own, or purchase, giving end users the option of operating expense or capital budget overlay.

Flexible Design Options: Modular companies can construct and deliver buildings for temporary and permanent applications and structures ranging in size from a few hundred square feet to tens of thousands of square feet. Exteriors can be designed to match unique geographic needs.

Reduced Site Disturbance in Environmentally Sensitive Areas: Construction occurs off site in a manufacturing facility, minimizing site disturbances.


Re-locatability of Facilities: Buildings are designed and constructed for efficient secondary relocations, without significant structural modifications.

Turnkey Solution: Modular companies provide design, engineering, construction delivery and set up, on time and on budget. Modules can arrive furnished and ready-to-use upon installation.

Global Reach: The modular industry is well-represented can provide facilities anywhere in the world.

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Examples of Quick-Response Modular Facilities

Primary Care Clinics

modular buildings for disasters

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans required an Interprofessional Clinic for the School of Dentistry and Nursing to provide primary and urgent care in a teaching environment to support the local community. While there are long-term plans for a permanent facility, the temporary need was immediate. Site utilities and foundations were constructed while the building was manufactured in an off-site facility. The foundation was constructed with timber pylons driven up to thirty feet deep. The installation crew used Translift machines designed to reduce cost and increase the quality and speed of setting the modules on the pylons. Off-site construction included installation of features inside the modular building such as laminate counter tops, exam room sinks, counters, cabinets, plumbing, electric for dental chairs, and interior finishes such as floor covering and drop ceilings. Built by Modular Genius, Inc.


modular buildings for emergencies

The non-combustible design is a structural steel post and beam assembly with light gauge infill and pre-poured concrete floors in a composite steel deck to help achieve sound deadening and fire ratings. The customized facility was built completely together at the plant as a two story structure to ensure precision fit and finish of all features and systems, resulting in a shorter site installation time and reduced on-site activity and disruption to the community. Once completed, the building was deconstructed and loaded to transporters. This process allowed the building to arrive with all the exterior brick installed as well as a high level of completion on the interior, reducing site completion time significantly. The building was designed with minimal interior columns to allow for maximum flexibility in use. Each module was designed with engineered lifting lugs for fast and simple offloading on to the foundations and a more efficient stacking process meeting exacting tolerances. Built by Axis Construction Corp. & NRB Inc.

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