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October 2020 Government Affairs Update | Modular Building Institute

November 2020 Government Affairs Update

Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation

MBI continues to work closely with CMHC’s leadership team as they work on their Rapid Housing Initiative. The latest update from their executive team is that over $500 million in applications of the $1 billion in funding, for this affordable housing initiative that focuses on the use of modular construction, has already been approved. Applications will continue to be taken until December 31, 2020 and all funding allocated by March 2021.

National Governors Association/COVID19 Vaccine Strategies

MBI will participate in a call with staff leadership from each Governor’s office on December 15 to discuss their strategies and potential needs for additional building space as they roll out their COVID19 vaccine plans. We have already confirmed the MBI Crisis Response Page will be listed on the NGA’s list of resources for each Governor’s office as they begin to implement their strategies.

Facilities Guideline Institute Final Review

MBI will be participating in a call on December 16 for a final review of FGI’s modular guideline for the use of modular structures for medical facilities during an emergency situation. We expect the guideline to be published in early 2021 and will be co-branded with FGI and MBI represented on the published guideline.

California Legislative Session Begins

Members of the 2021 California legislature were sworn in on Monday, December 8. Many bills have already been introduced that we are currently reviewing with our lobbying team. Several address affordable housing and we expect this to be a hot topic in both the Senate and the Assembly in 2021. The Senate has already introduced a “Senate Housing Package”. BI has retained additional lobbying support in California and will continue to keep members informed as we work to open more opportunities for the modular industry.

New York City’s Affordable Housing Plan

MBI completed a call with our New York lobbyist and a team from New York City Deputy Mayor Vicki Been’s office to discuss the role of modular in their affordable housing initiative. They are very open and aware of the benefits of modular and have agreed to complete another call after the first of the year to discuss more specific opportunities for us to partner with them on this initiative.

UL2600- Canada

Our representatives in Canada continue to make progress on the adoption of UL2600. Their next council presentation for approval is on December 10, 2020.

2021 Government Affairs Planning

MBI has begun implementing government affairs strategies with our lobbying teams in DC, New York and California as well as plans throughout Canada and the United States. If your company has a particular industry issue that we need to review or address, please send this information to MBI’s Government Affairs Director, Jon Hannah-Spacagna at

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