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Modular Building Institute

Case Studies: Multifamily

Relocatable Transitional Housing Project Wins MBI's Best of Show for Horizon North Logisitics

The reusable, reconfigurable design and multi-point foundation system allows for the entire building – from ramps to recycling containers and paving stones – to be demobilized and reassembled at another site in the future at a fraction of the time and cost of constructing a new building.

Metric Modular's Bella Bella Passive Haus

The project consisted of six, two-story attached townhomes to be used as a desperately needed housing solution for Yale First Nation.

City’s First-Ever Temporary Modular Housing

In response to an immediate need to address the City of Vancouver’s housing affordability challenges as quickly as possible, Horizon North was selected by the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA) to complete the city’s first-ever temporary modular housing development.

The Jarrett Street Condo Project

The Jarrett Street Condo project from Blazer Industries is a three-story, 12 unit condominium building located in Portland, Oregon.

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