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What good can come from this?

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Just in the last week, we’ve had hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods in the area where I live. Now that is a historically bad weather week! Add in the on-going global pandemic and political divisions over what social justice means, just as schools and parents are stressing about whether to send children back to the classrooms, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with anxiety and negativity.

But amidst this cloudy backdrop, I promise there are some great stories emerging! Just within the construction world, have you ever heard so much discussion of worker safety? New products and processes are emerging daily to ensure workers can do their jobs, and do so in the safest of environments.

Of course, we know that modular construction factories offer the best possible scenario to ensure a safe, predictable workplace. But even within our members’ plants, we are seeing a heightened level of safety, further raising the bar for the construction industry.

The construction industry is not historically thought of as a high tech sector. But all of that is changing daily. Code officials are using drones and I-Pads for remote virtual inspections. And many say that this is the new normal, not a temporary fix for COVID.

Sales meetings are happening daily over Zoom or other online meeting platforms. And yes, at first, this was uncomfortable and even a little annoying. But has anyone reading this NOT had a zoom meeting this year? I have had dozens in the last few months compared to about zero prior to this year. Remote virtual meetings are just becoming part of our new normal and once we all get comfortable with that notion, it will make meetings (and sales) easier and more productive. And no doubt, two years from now, the current Zoom platform will be the equivalent of the Radio Shack Tandy 64 computer.

Digital conferences, including many that we support, have moved to online formats. While it is new and uncomfortable turf for many, it’s the new trade show floor and how business will be conducted for the foreseeable future. Relationship building, networking, and yes, sales WILL happen virtually.

Innovation does not occur when we are all happy and complacent. It occurs at the intersection of the necessary and the impossible. This must be done, but its impossible under the current circumstances. So, we create new ways to reach our goals. We adapt. We learn. We grow.

Its highly likely that a new vaccine will be developed soon to curtail this virus, again out of necessity. And when that happens, I hope we do not unlearn all the new discoveries that have sustained us so far. Let’s Adapt. Learn. Grow.
Started on August 11, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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Additional Comments:
You could not be more in target with your comments. Necessity is truly the Mother of Invention. All industries are having to take a self examination of processes and tools. A one point in time a stone wheel looked like a superior idea.
Updated on August 11, 2020 by Randy Simmons

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