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Leading in Times of Crisis

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I have started and stopped this COVID update at least a dozen times over the past month. Once I think I have a handle on the situation, a story pops up and casts new doubts. That uncertainty creeping in can be paralyzing if we allow it.

Its clear that COVID has been the biggest issue, concern, and disruption of business and family life in 2020, and will likely dominate the headlines for the next several months. This post is not to make light of COVID, nor to share political perspectives on how you should react.

In times of uncertainty, the role of a leader becomes amplified. Your employees, vendors, and customers are looking to see how you will react. And they will take their cues from your actions.

Here are three quick reminders for all leaders in these times of uncertainty:

Clearly define goals – Maybe those goals have been altered by COVID, but it is important to continue to have short, mid, and long- term goals and clearly state those goals and expectations to your team. Those goals have likely changed, and likely will change again. Which leads to the second point:

Clearly communicate with your team – We all suffer from “zoom fatigue” these days but staying in regular communication as things change is critical for your success. Maybe it is weekly meetings with key stakeholders or regular calls to vendors. Stay on top of your messaging.

Be confident with your decisions, but not arrogant – This is often a fine line for leaders to walk. Gather the best information available to make the best decision you can, then make it. You can overanalyze facts and figures to the point of paralysis, and you can speculate all day long on what you think MIGHT happen. But that does not get you closer to reaching your goals. But once a decision is made, be flexible and willing to adapt it if new information comes to light.

There is still a massive need for building infrastructure in the world and still a skilled labor shortage. The COVID crisis only highlighted these needs. Now more than ever, the modular industry needs leaders to step up and deliver.

Stay safe and stay tuned.
Started on July 20, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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