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That was the headline in our press release issued today as we ramp up our marketing and outreach efforts. Given the decentralized approach to this crisis, the MBI team reached out to every state and provincial emergency management agency this week to share information about our current inventory and capabilities. In several states including California, Florida, and Texas, we reached out to every district manager within the state as well. In all, our industry information was sent out to over 300 emergency management professionals.

In addition to our press release, our “modular monitor” feature in Construction Dive also hit this week pushing more traffic to our industry response pages. Traffic to our COVID response page is up 28% this week compared to the prior week with additional marketing efforts just now being implemented. We kicked off a daily email campaign targeting Congressional leadership and federal policy makers through “Roll Call” on Tuesday and boosted Facebook posts to targeted audiences as well.

We held our Canadian Council call this week to gain input on how we can better serve our members there. We were uplifted by the level of concern our factories are showing towards the safety of their employees as several companies openly shared their best safety practices. We’d also like to give a quick shout out to J.D. Irving Company, the parent company of Kent Homes in New Brunswick for their one-million-dollar donation to their area foodbank. Nice job, eh?

We now have separate sections on our website for “Canadian Solutions” and “Global Solutions” (outside North America). On these pages we are sharing sample floorplans specific to the COVID crisis. If you have floorplans, donations, or stories to tell, please share those with us via email.

As we close out week four (or is it three, or five?) of working from home, we realize that many areas are predicted to hit their peak number of cases over these next few weeks. This is a real threat and we need to be prepared and help others prepare. Please continue to practice safe social distancing, frequent sanitizing, and good old fashion common sense. And please continue to do your part to showcase this great industry in the best possible light!

Stay tuned and stay safe!
Started on April 9, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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