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Message from MBI Executive Director - 4/2/2020

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It’s been a roller coaster of emotions in the three weeks since the conclusion of our annual industry conference. This year’s World of Modular Convention was one of the best attended and highest rated conferences ever, and I couldn’t be more proud of our team that pulled it off, and for all of you who attended and supported our organization.

But that seems like a lifetime ago with COVID-19 outbreak.

Our attention and efforts had to immediately shift to position the modular construction industry in the best possible light to address this historic crisis. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the health care providers, first responders and all those essential workers who are keeping our lives moving forward. And that includes the modular construction industry. We have a HUGE role in helping with this global recovery.

So, here are a few updates:

We continue to reach out to government agencies including FEMA and the United States Corps of Engineers to share resources about our industry’s available inventory and capacity to build and deliver more facilities. In the short term, the Corps is on the front line to ensure the country has enough beds to meet the surge in cases expected. By all accounts, this response will be a decentralized approach with the Corps stating that all decisions are being pushed to their 30+ districts.

The Corps is working to develop “alternate care sites” across the country converting convention centers, stadiums, and even hotels into makeshift hospitals. This leaves limited opportunities for our industry to assist the Corps with their space needs during this phase. Fully fitted container units do seem to be one option the Corps is considering for this stage of response.

The Corps will also serve the role of market researcher, pushing that information to the district level as well. If you are interested in doing business with the Corps, we have posted information about their requirements on our response page.

Within the newly passed CARES Act, $150 billion will flow directly to states to address this crisis, further indicating a decentralized approach. MBI is communicating directly with state governors through our membership in National Governors Association. This relationship provides us with access to provincial premiers as well.

We have made several updates this week to our crisis response page including information for GCs, more floorplans, and a job posting link.

We know many of you are ramping up and have positions to fill quickly. If you have a specific job posting, send those to us to share, as this is one benefit of your MBI membership. You can send those job announcements to:

If your company has sold or leased (or donated) space related to COVID 19, please share that story with us. You can send those stories to:

We also ask that you help us by sharing this industry information to a wider audience. We have banner ads under the “Other Resources/Raise Awareness” link that you can use to promote this response.

Also, under the Other Resources tab, you will find information about our Industry Seals Program. This is a voluntary labeling program where we ask our manufacturers to acquire one $20 MBI Seal for each unit manufactured. ALL the funds from the Seals Program are used to support our government affairs efforts, which as you can imagine, are being put to the test right now! Even if you are not a manufacturer and just want to help, log on and purchase some MBI Seals to beef up our Government Affairs efforts.

Lastly, please do your part to represent this great industry in the best possible light. We have a big opportunity, but also a huge responsibility to deliver safe structures in an ethical manner to those who are helping to address this global crisis.

Stay tuned and stay safe.
Started on April 2, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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