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Modular Industry COVID Response Update – 3/24/20

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Let me first start by apologizing for not replying to some of you who have emailed and called. We have been inundated with information and requests to help – thank you!

Today was another busy day in modular land. We had our first call with the newly formed COVID task force and added a few additional voices. Tom Bosack of WillScot was asked to join the group to represent the fleet owner’s perspective and Kevin Read from Nomodic will represent Western Canada. Kevin also serves as our chair of the MBI Canadian Council.

We want to continue to reach out to all our members to gather information for this industry-wide response. We also want to hear from our colleagues in Europe, as they have been fighting this battle longer than most. Let's use this opportunity to share best practices and learn from one another.

Again, our goals are to position the industry association as the information clearinghouse for members and end users alike. We have created a landing page and will be building it out over the coming days and weeks. From that page, end users will be able to access information based on their facility needs whether immediate, mid-term, or long term; wood, steel, or container-based.

We want to send a clear and consistent message about our industry’s capabilities to deliver on immediate needs during this response, as well as permanent infrastructure so we don’t find ourselves in this position in the future.

We have a unique opportunity to show the world what this industry is capable of and must not lose sight of this longer-term opportunity in the face of short-term profits. As such we will be developing a set of guidelines, best practices, and other resources for our members.

Among these guidelines - we want to encourage all members to be clear and transparent with customers regarding code compliance and medical construction standards. If your company is providing a temporary building that was not constructed for a medical occupancy use, clearly indicate that to your customer, for their benefit and yours. Indicate the codes, standards, and occupancy type the building was constructed to, and perhaps ask the customer to sign a waiver if they intend to use it for another purpose. We realize this sometimes happens in emergencies as the need for additional space increases. Also clean the unit in accordance with guidelines from the CDC.

For fleet owners, consider getting on the GSA schedules if you intend to sell to federal government agencies. It might be too late for this particular crisis, but government entities prefer procuring buildings in a manner that is convenient and well-established for them.

We are also encouraging all members to adhere to our industry Code of Conduct. There is never an appropriate time for price gouging. Do not misrepresent your company, products, or services nor those of your competitors.

Lastly, for tonight, we encourage you to support the MBI Seals program by ensuring each module sold, leased, or constructed has a MBI Seal. Our seals are $20 each and the funds from that program are used to support government and lobbying efforts like this.

With so much information surrounding this issue, things can change daily, even hourly. We are committed to represent the modular industry with integrity and want to thank you for doing your part!

Stay tuned and stay safe.
Started on March 24, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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