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Modular Industry Response - 3-23-20 Update

Original Comment:
This crisis has really highlighted how fragile our society is and exposed major concerns in our overall building infrastructure.

Today I asked our board chair, Drew Welborn of Whitley Manufacturing to create a COVID Response Task Force that MBI can lean on during these uncertain times. As you can imagine, there are many possible solutions to this problem being floated around. We need to have an organized and coordinated response to take to public policy makers. There is literally billions of dollars of potential building opportunities and millions of people who are potentially at risk.

This task force will continue to solicit input from the industry, streamline the messaging, and make outreach efforts to policy makers at various levels of government. The task force consists of:

Drew Welborn, Whitley Manufacturing
Tom Hardiman and Jon Hannah, MBI staff
Max Perkins, MBI Lobbyist
John Buorgiorno, Axis Construction
Troy Galvin, PCL
Vaughan Buckley, VBC
Colby Swanson, Momentum Innovation Group
Blair Hildahl, Base4 Architects

We have categorized the facility needs into three boxes:

Immediate needs – triage units, testing facilities, emergency swing/surge space, emergency /isolation shelters.
Short to mid term needs – ICU rooms, supplemental care facilities.
Longer term needs – ICU patient rooms, non-critical care facilities, permanent housing needs.

We are compiling industry information and sorting into these three categories. Ultimately, we want to present a handful of solutions to Congress, FEMA and other stakeholders to better standardize the number of designs and limit the number of custom buildings procured. We have created a new landing page accessible from our homepage with additional information.

We ask members to support this unified effort to the greatest extent possible. Our industry has a tremendous opportunity, and responsibility ahead of us.

Stay tuned and stay safe.
Started on March 23, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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Additional Comments:
Kudos to the MBI Task Force for being forward thinking in developing strategies to address this Crisis. As a former head of the United States Small Business Administration Long Island NY Branch and Acting Director in New York City, I welcome the opportunity to add value to the conversation as it relates to Crisis/Disaster procurement & mitigation strategies and dealing with the Federal & State Agencies. W. Oden
Updated on March 24, 2020 by Walter Oden

We agree with the opportunity that Off-Site construction provides us to address the needs during this time. We will be holding brainstorming sessions with our local Pittsburgh partners; Module and Springboard Design.
I feel we may be concentrating on the mid to long term needs. We will need to provide housing for those who are not critical but also cannot afford to stay in their current situation. We want to develop a plan for that need but also include universal design so these units may transition into affordable or age in place. We are excited to see the inginuity being shared across the industry.

Stay Safe
Andrew Holmes
VP of Construction
blockhouse Residential
Updated on March 24, 2020 by Andrew Holmes

Laticrete is available and willing to support these efforts as needed, globally or domestic. We can provide tile installation and floor coating materials with antimicrobial properties, often used in hospitals, surgery rooms, and other clean areas. Please let us know how we can help (most likely will make sense for the Short to mid term needs – ICU rooms, supplemental care facilities and Longer term needs – ICU patient rooms, non-critical care facilities, permanent housing needs).
Updated on March 24, 2020 by Samantha Rothberg

I hope it makes sense in this moment of emergency to bring the proven solutions and knowledge from the other part of the globe (China, Italy) to the USA.
Updated on March 24, 2020 by Furio Barzon

This is important stuff - hats off to the MBI task force for advancing the ball. We fully support the efforts and stand ready to help.

Additionally, our company has been developing a simple 16-bed Mobile Isolation Care Unit(MICU)that could relieve some pressure caused by COVID-19. It may not go anywhere, but if if the concept has legs, we'll need industry help producing at scale.

Stay well - Chris Giattina
Updated on March 23, 2020 by Christopher Giattina

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