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Modular Industry Response to COVID-19 Outbreak – March 22, 2020

Original Comment:
The Congressional bill to address the COVID-19 outbreak is slated to be voted on early this week, but we received a draft for review. While nothing is certain at this point, we do have an indication of the types of facilities that may be included in the package. Those include:

Expansion of military treatment facilities
Temporary quarantine facilities
Funding for FEMA facilities
Mobile Triage Units
Mobile Treatment Centers for Veterans Affairs

Also included in the draft are significant increases in funding to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for its CDBG Program to address the issues of homelessness and public health. In all, there is several billion dollars available for housing, buildings, and facilities scattered throughout HUD, FEMA, Veterans Affairs, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and other agencies.

Industry Response Moving Forward:
It’s difficult to say exactly how much total funding will be available for facilities and infrastructure when the numbers are this large and scattered across numerous agencies. But it seems as if there will be many opportunities for our industry to help.

We are continuing to reach out to state and federal agencies to promote and encourage modular solutions to this crisis, specifically targeting these agencies with facility needs. Thank you to those who have already sent brochures and information to us listing some of these facility types. We want to categorize and standardize our response to these agencies to the greatest extent possible to ensure we are meeting their needs.

We plan to serve as an information clearing house and a reliable source of information during this crisis. We also plan to continue working with the state governors and provincial premiers to ensure our factories are considered “essential business operations” and to field any requests for facility needs.

Stay tuned and stay safe!
Started on March 22, 2020 by Tom Hardiman
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Additional Comments:
Thanks Tom for all you're doing for Modular as whole and for what we can do as an industry for the country as a whole during this crisis.
Updated on March 23, 2020 by Josh Mensinger

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