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AC Engineering, company operating in buildings and mechanics all over the world, presents HOME DONE, an innovative concept of construction and living spaces. HOME, an immediately livable house. DONE, a work that is done, solved. A READY HOUSE. The Home Done building system has completely revolutionized the traditional world of construction. It has overtaken the usage of concrete and has drastically improved the on-site realization time. The HOME DONE panel is made of REINFORCED POLYSTYRENE, composite material which includes a structure in galvanized steel wire, at high resistance, electro-dimensionally welded, incorporated in the sintering of high-density Thanks to the employment of an industrial plant of fourth generation, the Home Done system allows to achieve competitive pricing and itemized estimate of the costs not subject to the variables of traditional building sites. The steel core and the EPS low specific weight confer, to our panels, unique characteristics such as: • STRENGHT against cyclones and hearthquake. • LIGHTNESS • Unrivaled ENERGY EFFICIENCY • SOUNDPROOFING • QUICKNESS and MODULARITY: thanks to the Home Done patent hooking system there is no need of employing skilled labor force and utilize specific equipment. Moreover, the assembly of the constructions requires only few and simple tools. Home Done enables the realization of multi-story buildings, as well as completely integrated enlargements of already existing buildings both traditional or not. Right from the design phase, integrated plans are considered in the room for every single unit therefore, ready for installation. There are no limits in the choice of external and internal finishes, from doors and windows to floors or walls and ceilings. Moreover, AC Engineering has even optimized a versatile housing unit system, which is the prompt reply to housing needs in emergencies, or for the realization of low cost housing projects to be done promptly. The Home Done system components are packed in lightweight and compact pallet that can be shipped by train, plain, tire or container, optimising shipping costs.

Advanced Modular Mfg takes pride on manufacturing quality custom buildings. It has been serving the modular building industry in the intermountain area since 1982. The company specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing of buildings for uses in Construction, Medical, Educational, Office, Transportation, Sales, Oil & Gas, Natural Resources and Military.

Affinity Building Systems is a leading builder of high performance modular structures for single family or multi-family residences, hospitality, and commercial structures such as offices, hotels, apartments, etc... Our modular buildings are built to the same building codes as traditional site-built construction. Affinity Building Systems is based in Lakeland, GA and provides modular buildings to independent, Authorized builders through-out the Southeast - Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Amtex Corp. began with a simple premise, to make the imagined a reality by custom designing and manufacturing modular buildings for clients with non-standard and specialized shelter requirements. Today, we produce a full range of standard offices, classrooms and custom products including bank buildings, medical facilities, gaming casinos, complex labs even two & three story complexes with comprehensive turnkey ability.

B&T specializes in manufacturing bathroom Pods, kitchen Pods and modular steel frame construction products. We serve the residential, light commercial, hospitality and the multifamily construction market. We proudly use the FRAMECAD steel frame systems to manufacture our products in a factory controlled environment. We dramatically reduce our customers construction projects schedules – by as much as 30%. We deliver fully inspected products directly to your job site – completely eliminating punch lists and the delays that come with them. We deliver the right product to your site, on-time and on budget – every time. Reduced cost, improved quality and reduced build times.

Blazer Industries, Inc., a wholesale manufacturer of modular structures since 1976, working with the leasing and sales companies in the Pacific Northwest to provide creative solutions and high quality buildings for all types of uses including Office, Medical, Educational, Daycare, Public Restrooms and more.

Britco Structures USA is located in Waco, Texas and is the premier manufacturer of Oilfield/Rig Housing and Commercial Modular buildings in the United States. As one of the largest commercial modular manufacturing operations in the U.S. we are leading the way with a wide variety of high quality sustainable and cost-effective buildings solutions. Everything from Workforce Accommodations to office complexes, schools, restrooms, guard shacks and container conversions, we deliver the perfect solution. Anywhere, on time, on budget.

In 1997, C&B Custom Modular Inc. was founded by four individuals with the prospect of manufacturing the best quality built custom offices and classrooms produced today. Those four individuals are Brian Bradbury, Bobbie Chadwick, Chris Chadwick and James Bishop. The combined experience and knowledge of these four owners in the manufacturing of custom modulers is over 73 years. C&B is very dedicated to the quality of each unit that is manufactured in our facility. Each unit undergoes a Thorough inspection by our quality control department as well as licensed inspectors before a unit leaves our facility.

Champion Commercial Structures is the nation's largest modular manufacturer offering modular solutions from manufacturing centers strategically located across the US and Canada. Products and services range from design/build commercial structures to complete installation services. When your project requires speed and capacity Champion is the solution.

At Dagard, we manufacture, market and install throughout the world, directly or through our partners, a wide range of Modular Cold Rooms, Isothermal Facilities and Cleanroom Envelopes. Our fields of expertise are as follows: modular structures: factory-made components ,very quickly installed on site, thermal insulation (positive or negative temperatures) sound insulation and absorption, fire safety: walls, ceilings, fire resistant doors and glazing hygiene control, ease of cleaning and disinfection air and water vapor-tightness.

Diamond Builders, Inc. is a family owned business that takes pride in building high quality modular buildings. We are the proud owner of a 168,000 sq. ft. plant in Douglas, Georgia with the capability of running 3 lines ALL INDOORS. Diamond Builders has been in business since 2002 keeping quick production and quality in mind!

DuBox is a modular design and off-site concrete construction company. DuBox designs and delivers complete single or multi-storey buildings in concrete using modular methodologies. Entire buildings are manufactured off-site in DuBox factory. Modules are trucked or shipped pre-finished to job sites, where they are installed. Speed, efficiency and effectiveness drive everything we do.

Our factories in China can build and ship to any design specification. Our parent company and investor owns and operates the largest property development and construction companies in Hong Kong. Some highlights: The parent company owns and operates thousands of buildings across HK and mainland China Own modular home factories plus two joint ventures with top modular home manufacturers in China so our capacity is easily in the hundreds of units per month and we can scale into thousands. We are just opening up our factories to US manufacturers and developers who need to scale their modular manufacturing capacity. We are also open to providing capital or leasing inventory if the opportunity is large enough.

At First String Space, Inc. you will find a team of experienced professionals that can meet all of your commercial modular needs no matter how simple or complicated. We will work together with you to provide the best product at a competitive price. Contact us today to get pricing from one of our experienced professionals.

Freeport Industries Ltd. With its full service design and manufacturing, Freeport offers clients that one stop building solution. Since 1997 we have serviced Western Canada operating in a variety of markets ranging from residential, First Nations, education , construction, design build, mining and resource sectors. Products include housing, schools, offices or even workforce camps. Freeport - "Modular Building, Redefined"....

At Honomobo, we’ve thought a long time about what you want: a modern, beautiful home. Our solution is simple– meticulously designed, durable, flexible, and delivered and installed with surprising ease and quickness to your property. Buying a home has never been so simple. Prefab and modular are not new concepts, nor is the idea of a shipping container home. Shipping container homes and modular homes often lack design, but at Honomobo we set out to take the best of both worlds and design our homes without compromise. We don't apologize for the fact that we are using shipping containers, but we embrace the fact that we are leveraging shipping containers to create modern, beautiful, and modular living spaces. Given the modular nature of a shipping container we are able to deliver a Honomobo anywhere in North America.


Indicom Buildings, Inc. is a major wholesale manufacturer of custom designed single and multi-unit mobile modular office buildings, classrooms, and construction site trailers. Indicom Buildings, Inc. is located in Burleson, Texas.

Kuvella Modular Designs is passionate about providing sustainable modular solutions that are both durable and affordable. Kuvella uses proprietary technology and specialty expertise in the utilization of surplus sea shipping containers for innovative modular buildings and structures. Our modular system is a durable, non-combustible, mold resistant, reusable and re-locatable, environmentally sustainable solution.

At Ladacor our dedicated team works hard every day for our valued clients with the goal of offering innovative win-win solutions. We are a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced modular buildings and structures throughout North Amercia.

We do this built on the foundation of years of experience in industrial construction and the supply of prefabricated and site erected buildings and structures. Ladacor has developed proprietary technology and specialty expertise in the utilization of surplus sea shipping containers for innovative modular buildings and structures. We are always looking for a smarter way.

Our Advanced Modular System™ has been developed as a durable, non-combustible, CSA-approved, mould resistant, reusable and re-locatable, environmentally sustainable solution. Advanced Modular System™ units are customizable and configured to our clients’ unique requirements and application, easily deployable and erected in the field leading to cost and schedule savings and consistent shop manufactured quality. Our

Advanced Modular System™ units are manufactured and audited to CSA A277 – Factory Certification of Buildings standards under a strict quality program in our 28,400 square foot certified manufacturing facility located in Calgary, Alberta.

Ladacor are proudly Canadian and all Advanced Modular System™ units are Designed in Canada, Tested in Canada and Manufactured in Canada, We take pride in supporting Canadian manufacturing jobs and our valued local subcontractors and suppliers.

Ladacor has the ability to offer a full turn-key project – from concept development to engineering design to module fabrication to site construction – or any scope of work in between.

Mobilfab designs and builds portable structures and modular constructions. For over 20 years, Mobilfab staff have been acquiring expertise in innovative solution development to satisfy specific customer needs at competitive prices while providing the highest standards of quality.

In our 28,000 square foot plant located just south of the Trans Canada Highway in Brandon, Manitoba, we produce modular and stand alone buildings for the oilfield, mining, construction and remote camp industries. Our structures are designed to stand up to the rigors of repeated moving and the harsh Canadian climates. Since our inception in 2007, we have gained experience by manufacturing over 2000 units of various types for small to mid size companies as well as international customers. Whether you are seeking multiple fleet units or custom built multi-unit complexes, we can build it for you. Modern Industrial Structures Brandon manufactures high quality, code compliant relocatable accommodations for the oil, mining and construction industries in western Canada.

Modular Connections, LLC is a manufacturer of prefabricated concrete building and wall system solutions. In addition, the company provides design, electrical and mechanical integration, finishing, and logistical support. Modular Connections products are used in government, utility, commercial and industrial applications, including: electric utility control buildings, telecommunication shelters, FEMA361/ICC500 storm shelters, educational facilities, restroom facilities, industrial facilities, and a variety of protective wall system applications.

Modular Elevator Manufacturing serves their customers with a variety of accessibility products including Dumbwaiters, Residential Elevators, Wheelchair Lifts, LU/LA Elevators, material handling lifts, Modular Commercial Elevators, Stair chairs, and our Invisible Lift courtroom accessibility solution.

Modulines is a manufacturer of concrete frame modular homes located north of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The factory is under construction and will be in operation in 2019. Annual capacity is 200,000 m2 of housing units, single family and multifamily.

Modular manufacturer based in Boise, ID.

Nova Deko’s vision for the manufacture of prefabricated modular housing was born 11 years ago. Operations commenced with the production of internal fixtures such as kitchens and bathroom cabinets, and this aspect of the business grew exponentially into an extremely successful export operation, with products destined for USA, Canada and various European countries including Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Omega Mod Group is a national manufacturer of residential and commercial modular construction of virtually any design.  We use eco-friendly, wood-based, modern, innovative, and precise modular technology in off-site facility-built assembly line production.  Our proprietary production processes include innovations in both systems and construction to make the strongest, most innovative, and finely finished products in the nation.

OMG operates primarily as a “private-label” partner with reputable builders, developers, and sales centers to deliver a unique and note-worthy product to fit any need.



Phoenix Modular, Inc. is a wholesale Modular Building Manufacturer dedicated to the service and support of Modular Building Dealers. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. For a referral to one of our dealers send an e-mail to

SG Blocks, Inc. is the premier innovator in providing industry approved, code engineered cargo shipping containers to meet the growing demand for safe and green construction.

Southeast Modular Mfg is a leading provider of high quality modular buildings in the southeast region, with three strategic locations to serve a large market. From these three locations- Leesburg, FL, Wauchula, FL and Ellaville, GA -Southeast Modular Manufacturing can serve an expanded marketplace quickly and efficiently.

Specialized Structures provides modular buildings, mobile offices, storage containers and modular classrooms to handle all your temporary or permanent space needs.  You may contact us toll free at 877-212-6100.

Sunbelt Modular, Inc . is the United States largest Commercial Modular Building Manufacturers and parent company of Amtex Corp, Indicom Buildings, Inc; Phoenix Modular, Corp and MR Steel Corp. We are high quality Commercial Modular Building Manufacturers offering construction of customized buildings to meet your industry needs.

Titan Manufactured Structures of Indiana has been providing growing companies with their space need requirements since 1984; relocatable or permanent, large or small.  In house design and engineering professionals work closely with each client through our authorized dealer sales representatives to insure ultimate customer satisfaction, quality, and service.

Everything we do, everything we believe in is to challenge ourselves and this industry to become innovative, to reach past traditional construction and provide beautifully designed, quickly installed structures that meet the consumers' needs. We build quality buildings and provide excellent service - Titan Modular Systems, Inc. can make it happen for you and your customers!

Whitley Manufacturing: Quality manufacturer of classrooms, mobile offices, modular buildings, health care facilities and many other types of structures. Over 35,000 units produced since 1946. Factories in Indiana, and Washington. Industry leading warranty, engineering department, manufacture, service and installation.

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