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MBI's Quarterly Printed & Digital Magazine

Get the top industry stories through MBI's quarterly Modular Advantage publication! In 2016 the quarterly Modular Advantage became be a multi-page industry magazine that combined some of MBI's individually printed literature into one publication. Each quarter this publication will focus on a specific modular construction topic, along with industry news, MBI and company updates, MBI member case studies, and any upcoming industry events that MBI is hosting or participating in. See chart below for topics and ad and content due dates.

A printed version of this premiere magazine for the commercial modular construction industry is mailed to all MBI members, while a digital version is sent through Building Design + Construction Magazine (BD+C) to more than 40,000 architects, engineers, developers and general contractors. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the latest news and be able to share it with your stakeholders.

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Sponsorship opportunities are also available! Details are in the Media Kit below.
Contact Dave Sikora for sponsorship questions.

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please download the
2017 Media Kit!
Does your company have a new product, innovative project, recent hire, a change in your office location, or a revamped website? Please share it with us so we can let others in the industry know your latest news.

Please send your stories and high resolution photos to the Communications Manager via email: Don't miss the opportunity to let others in the industry hear about the exciting developments in your company!

Note: Not all content submitted will be used in the Modular Advantage publications. MBI reserves the right to choose what content will be used.

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Third Quarter - August 2017 

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of the Modular Advantage»


Note: The Modular Advantage did not include a multi-page publication before 2016.


MBI Modular Advantage | Second Quarter 2017
  • Member Directory
  • 2017 World of Modular
  • Awards of Distinction Winners

MBI Modular Advantage | First Quarter 2017
  • Offsite Construction
  • Industry News
  • MBI and Company updates
  • MBI member Case Studies



MBI Modular Advantage | Fourth Quarter 2016

  • Commercial and Quick Service Retail
  • Industry News
  • MBI and Company updates
  • MBI member Case Studies
  • Year in Review

MBI Modular Advantage | Third Quarter 2016
  • Healthcare Market
  • Industry News
  • PMC Industry Analysis (Annual Report)
  • RB Industry Analysis (Annual Report)

MBI Modular Advantage | Second Quarter 2016
  • Education Market
  • Industry News
  • AOD Winners
  • Member Directory/Buyer's Guide

MBI Modular Advantage | First Quarter 2016
  • Multifamily Market
  • Industry News
  • International/Alliances
  • Research & Innovation


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