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Making the Leap: From Traditional General Contractor to Modular Builder

General Contractors are adopting modular methods more frequently to address challenges the construction industry is facing.

Carpenters' Union Embraces Factory Built Housing to Address Labor Needs in Northern California

Not everyone agrees that the construction industry suffers from a labor shortage. NCCRC represents 37,500 members in 46 northern California counties and feels that labor availability is not the issue.

Contract Drafting for Modular Construction: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Craft

Learn what factors and challenges to consider before contracting your next modular build

The Comfort Zone: SPVU Efficiency Changes

Maury Tiernan, Bard Product Manager with Geary Pacific Corp, details the new SPVU standards taking affect September 2019

Making Sense of the Affordable Housing Crisis

Read about how modular construction can help address the affordable housing crisis.

Affordable Housing - A Global Issue

Cities around the globe are facing affordable housing shortages - what are the key differences in how they are addressing them?

Summary of Permanent Modular Construction for Year-End 2017

The most accurate data on the Permanent Modular Construction Industry in 2017

Overview of the Relocatable Buildings

The most accurate data on the Relocatable Buildings Industry in 2017

The Modular Solution to the Construction Labor Shortage

If we have nearly 150,000 openings at an average of $25/hour, why can’t we fill these jobs?

Building at the Speed of Medical Innovations

We are at a crossroads in healthcare construction where the speed of medical innovation has outpaced the capability of conventional construction.

Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity

Over the past 20 years, productivity has grown at only 1% annually, only around one-third the rate of the world economy and only around one-quarter of the rate in manufacturing.

One-on-One Interview with John Buongiorno

An interview with Axis Construction's John Buongiorno

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