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News about the Commercial Modular Construction Industry | Summer 2014

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Not Your Typical Portable Classroom

Anderson Anderson Architecture worked with a team including a GC in Honolulu, Blazer Industries (a building manufacturer in Oregon), and building science consultants to design, prototype, install and test a next–generation portable classroom adaptable to a wide range of micro–climate conditions... >> More

Three Story Modular Dorm Attached to Historic Campus Structure

This three–story dormitory addition is attached to a building that was constructed in 1910 and the college wanted to emulate the circa 1900 exterior facade on the modular addition, blending it with the existing building and campus surroundings. The brick was selected from current day product and is a perfect match... >> More

Modular Solutions, From Urban Housing to Disaster Relief

NYC Tests Post-Disaster Housing.

Six years ago, the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) tasked Brooklyn-based Garrison Architects with designing energy-efficient, space-saving housing that can be quickly deployed... >>

MBI Upcoming Events

SAVE THE DATES! MBI will host the Northern, CA Modular Construction Summit & Factory Tours held in Sacramento, Napa, and San Francisco from September 15 – 17, 2014. More details coming soon... >> More




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