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News about the Commercial Modular Construction Industry | Spring 2014

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PCL Delivers Offsite Solutions for Fully Digital Hospital

Get an inside look at the offsite solutions used on Humber River Hospital’s fully digital hospital in this Q&A with PCL Permanent Modular Construction’s VP Mark Taylor, and HDR's VP, Tod Trigg. >> More

Time Lapse Video of Solar Decathalon’s DesertSol

Students and faculty from multiple departments at University of Nevada Las Vegas came together to design and construct DesertSol – an upscale home inspired by the spirit of the Mojave Desert – for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013, held in October in Irvine, California. >> More

Green Student Housing Made from Containers

A modular, two-story student housing complex made out of six 45-foot-long recycled shipping containers, located in New Haven, Connecticut. Interview with Christian Salvati, Director of Marengo Structures LLC.

World of Modular Wrap Up and Awards of Distinction Winners

The Modular Building Institute presented its annual Awards of Distinction for the best modular buildings during the 31st year of its World of Modular trade show / convention in San Antonio, Texas in March.
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