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July 2020 Government Affairs Update | Modular Building Institute

July 2020 Government Affairs Update

Fannie Mae

MBI is happy to announce a huge win with Fannie Mae! We worked for several months with their executive leadership to finalize guidelines for multifamily modular lending. Fannie Mae has recently published their Multifamily Modular Toolkit on their website and they are scheduled to send a memo to all their lenders with this information.

National Governors Association (NGA)

MBI GA Director, Jon Hannah, participated in the NGA’s Summer Virtual Meeting. Governor Cuomo of New York was voted in as the new President of the organization. He committed to extending the focus of the group on collaborating to recover from the COVID19 pandemic, including more testing and lobbying Congress for more state and local funding as well as a continued focus to improve infrastructure in each state and territory.

MBI Town Halls

On July 21 we completed our third town hall call this year, this one with leadership from the California Department of Housing and Community Development. This was a very productive call with about a dozen members participating. We are in continued discussions with HCD’s leadership team to continue to discuss some changes to improve their program. They are receptive to partnering with us and discussing new ideas.

California Survey

If you are a member doing business in California, please complete the survey on any recommendations you may have that could improve their modular program. You can access the survey by simply clicking here.


MBI GA Director, Jon Hannah continues to participate in monthly calls with Pennsylvania Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development, Dennis Davin and Deputy Director, Joseph Burke. During this call they announced they will accept Virtual Remote Inspections (VRIs). It will be up to the third party inspections agencies to complete them and for members to work with their inspection agencies to request VRIs and coordinate compliance with them for the state. This is a GREAT WIN for our industry!


Governor Abbott announced his new appointments to the Industrialized Building Council in a press release yesterday.


MBI Government Affairs recently assisted a member working with the Interstate Industrialized Buildings Commission (IIBC) with approval issues and delays. After reaching IIBC leadership, MBI resolved the issue quickly.

Industry Standards

We are active in the development of five industry standards currently. Two with ICC, one with the Canada Standards Agency and one with the Facility Guidelines Institute. Many of these are still a year out from being finalized.

AGC Consensus Document (modular mfg. as a sub to traditional GC)

We finished work on this last week and sent MBI’s logo in to be one of the orgs supporting AGC Consensus Docs. We expect this to be part of a package AGC promotes and expect other modular related consensus docs in the future.

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