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News About the Commercial Modular Construction Industry | Spring 2012

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Best Commercial Modular Buildings
of 2011

Every year the Modular Building Institute hosts the industry's premier awards program, the MBI Awards of Distinction Contest, recognizing the best in commercial modular building design and construction. This year’s contest garnered 147 unique entries with modular buildings as diverse as a refurbished three-story supportive housing facility from a 2010 Winter Olympics Athletes Village, to a 35,620 sq. ft., green relocatable school complex installed in just 60 days. >> More


Modular Building: A Green Life Cycle

Available for AIA/CES Credit

Green has become the hip, modern ethic. Green is pure. It is functional. It is serviceable. It is durable. It is adaptable and flexible. In the aftermath of bursting bubbles, bankruptcies and global downsizing, there is a new market alchemy that blends environmentalism with streamlined practicality Modular systems inherently possess green life cycles. Modular systems are designed for flexibility, reconfiguration,upgrade, and reuse. In the new green market, modular systems can excel.  >> More

WATCH: Is the Future of Healthcare Design & Construction MODULAR?

When an F5 tornado destroyed St. John’s Regional Medical Center on May 22, 2011, no one would have thought that a new 150,000 square foot hospital would take its place and open its doors in less than a year. The team behind Aspen Street Architects and Walden Structures, along with an army of dedicated workers, has done the impossible in Joplin, MO where Mercy Hospital Joplin’s new 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility opened on April 15, less than a year since its original hospital was destroyed by a deadly tornado last May. >> More



The need for efficient building solutions in the student housing market are more necessary than ever as enrollment rates continue to increase and as campuses are becoming more cost and environmentally conscious, seeking innovative, affordable and sustainable living options for students. One industry that is stepping up to the challenge is permanent modular construction to provide greener, faster, smarter benefits to meet clients’ needs.
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Modular Building: An Inherently Greener Construction Process

The benefits of modular construction are becoming more widely known. The reduced time spent onsite leads to fewer health and safety issues for construction workers, quality building, accelerated construction schedules, and a faster return on investment. The momentum of various green rating programs and standards is now drawing attention to the advantages of offsite construction in terms of sustainable building. As seen in Construction Canada
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