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International Code Council Approves MBI-Supported Building Code Change; Standardizes Construction with ISO Shipping Containers

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At its Final Action Hearings in Richmond, Virginia, the International Code Council membership approved a code change that would allow ISO shipping containers to be used in commercial construction. The proposal, which spells out the conditions for utilization of containers, was overwhelmingly approved and will now be a part of the 2021 International Building Code.

MBI worked in tandem with the ICC on the development of this code change proposal in an effort to standardize the requirements and improve the likelihood of greater adoption of this process. “Once states adopt the 2021 IBC, we expect to see an uptick in this type of construction activity,” said MBI Executive Director Tom Hardiman. “We’re seeing it now, it’s just that companies have to navigate a myriad of different rules and regulations.”

MBI also worked to finalize the ICC’s Guideline for safe use of ISO shipping containers, a resource that will be published and available soon from the ICC. This guideline, while not enforceable, provides a wealth of information to code officials to help them ask the right questions in determining compliance and safety.

MBI plans to offer a breakout session on this topic at its upcoming World of Modular Conference on March 15-18, 2019 in Las Vegas. The next step in the MBI/ICC relationship is to continue to work on additional resources to help code officials better understand the modular construction process.
Started on October 25, 2018 by Tom Hardiman
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Additional Comments:
Congratulations Tom. 97% is a huge win even if they still need to vote online.

My hope is that MBI will continue leading the charge on working with the ICC. There are many other modular issues to tackle and you've built a huge amount of credibility through this initial win.
Updated on October 29, 2018 by Stephen Shang

Well, we spoke a little too soon. The ICC committee members at the conference did approve this by a 97% approval margin. However, the ICC still allows for code officials not in attendance to vote online, so its not final yet. We feel it will be approved, as many code officials worked on this and supported it due to the need for some consistency and guidance on the subject. It will be towards the end of November before its final.
Updated on October 26, 2018 by Tom Hardiman

Does anyone have knowledge of a structure made of ISBU's that is over 5 stories in the US?
Updated on October 25, 2018 by Kelly Adams

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