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MBI Helping to Clear the Path for Modified Shipping Containers

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Over the past year or so, MBI has been tirelessly working with the ICC and state administrative programs to develop polices, papers, and code language for the safe use of modified shipping containers as buildings and buildings and building modules. Countless companies have been using these containers for years, despite no clear guidance from the codes or states. With the increase in this building process, code officials and agencies are scrambling to draft rules and polices regarding their use.Last year, MBI took the lead in developing a whitepaper on the safe use of modified containers. That paper became the starting point for multiple efforts including:

Lobbying state programs to allow this process – MBI worked with several states (that previously did not allow containers) to draft polices for use. Four more states now allow containers with a fifth, Georgia, finalizing their requirements.

Working with the ICC’s Building Code Action Committee to draft code language to be included in the 2021 International Building Code. This new section of the code specifically details when and how containers may be used and is expected to be approved later this year at the ICC code hearings.

Held educational sessions, conference calls, and news updates to provide the industry with the latest developments.

Currently working with the ICC to develop an “ICC Guideline for the Safe Use of Modified Containers.” Moving beyond our industry whitepaper, this guideline will be published by the ICC itself and made available as a resource for code officials everywhere.

Once a container is modified for the purpose of being used as a building, it becomes an industrialized building and falls within the scope of MBI’s mission. We plan to continue these efforts in 2018 and will monitor the ICC’s code development cycle throughout the year.

MBI will also have a breakout session during World of Modular to provide the latest news and updates on this sector of our industry. If modified containers are part of your business model, please contact MBI to learn more and plan on attending our annual conference.
Started on January 12, 2018 by Tom Hardiman
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