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Construction Labor Shortage? The Modular Industry is Hiring!

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For at least the past ten years, the construction industry has bemoaned the lack of young people entering the industry and the shortage that has created. I think most of the statistics will bear this out. The average age of a typical construction worker has increased from 40.6 years in 2010 to 42.7 years in 2016. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are currently 143,000 vacant construction jobs available NOW!

There are many reasons why these jobs remain open, including the poor job the traditional industry does at promoting a CAREER in construction. In 2018, MBI is going to address this labor issue head on, from a variety of angles:

-We will position and promote the modular industry as a more attractive alternative to those considering the construction field.

-We will promote the inherent and improved safety impact on our workforce.

-We will highlight the productivity gained in a quality-controlled, industrialized setting, vs. the traditional job site.

-We will provide resources, such as our Modular 101 Clemson course, for new hires in the industry. If you have a new hire, buy this book!

-We will continue to work directly with colleges and universities to reach the next generation of architects, engineers, and construction managers to ensure they have a base knowledge of our industry before graduating.

The interest and demand for modular construction has never been higher. And our industry needs to attract and retain quality people to meet this demand. We think it is incumbent upon our manufacturers and contractors to have a heightened focus on employee development, safety, and training in 2018 for our industry to truly grow beyond 3% market share. Let’s not make ourselves easy targets for the status quo construction sector with short term thinking.
Started on December 12, 2017 by Tom Hardiman
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