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Don’t Forget Your Industry Trade Association!

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If you look at the landscape surrounding the modular and offsite construction industry lately, you may notice a trend. Many other organizations, associations and for-profit conference planners are suddenly interested in us! Modular, prefabrication, and offsite construction conferences and sessions are popping up everywhere, which is great! The more these groups push for our process, the more quickly we will grow in acceptance.

Over the next few months, there are offsite construction themed conferences in the U.S. hosted by the Construction Users Roundtable, Associated General Contractors, the Housing Innovation Alliance, and a for-profit conference planner based in the U.K.

Again, all good, as these groups are raising the awareness of our industry’s profile. But please don’t forget your industry trade association! When the smoke clears on all these events, and the conference organizers count their profits, who will be standing beside your company?

For the past thirty-five years, MBI has been dealing with negative press, fighting excessive regulations, amending the building codes, placing positive stories in the media, funding industry research, developing whitepapers and other resources, and creating networking and business development opportunities for our members.

When you join MBI and attend our World of Modular Conference, your dollars are re-invested back into our industry. Day in and day out, we are fighting the battle with you, in the trenches and doing the heavy lifting. It may not always be as glamorous and glitzy as some of these other headline-grabbing events. But no one is going to work harder for your company than MBI.

So, check out these other shows, make sure their agenda matches your focus, and let us know how it goes. But make sure you plan on attending MBI’s 35th Anniversary World of Modular Conference next March 22-25th at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood Florida.

And we’re not going away when the show is over!
Started on October 30, 2017 by Tom Hardiman
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