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It was a pretty busy week here at MBI HQ. And while things are still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d post an update with some of the highlights.

On the PR front, we were featured in an article published by Forbes Magazine called “The Rise of Prefabricated Buildings.” The article had nearly 3,000 views online and was picked up by other media outlets such as Builder Magazine and various social media sites.

We posted a story in our discussion forum about a Chicago deal to allow a foreign company to build as many as 20,000 modular housing units for the City. We’ll have more to say about that in the coming weeks.

I participated on a call with the International Code Council’s (ICC) Building Code Action Committee. This committee is working on draft language pertaining to modified containers for the 2021 building codes. For those of you not familiar with the building code development process, its rather lengthy. If you jump in during the public comment period, you are about a year behind the conversation!

We also continued to promote the upcoming Offsite Construction Expos that MBI is supporting as a host organization. These shows will be held in Vancouver on September 29th, Philadelphia on October 26th, and Dallas on November 15th.

We set up a call, through our involvement in the NIBS Offsite Construction Council, to work with AIA Contract Documents Committee. Our conversation centers around identifying or developing resources that are a better fit with the modular industry.

We made some contacts with a few of our newly appointed Canadian Council Advisory Board members and are very excited about the launch of this initiative. Amanda Rowe will be the staff lead on this effort.

This week, MBI will be exhibiting at the American Society for Healthcare Engineering Conference in Indianapolis, promoting modular construction in this key market. I will not be at that show, as I am planning on presenting an update about our efforts with the ICC to the Georgia Industrialized Buildings Program staff at their quarterly meeting.

Keep an eye out for our third quarter Modular Advantage which should be available within the next few weeks. This edition will feature the annual statistic for the North American relocatable buildings industry. That report will be follow up by an independent analysis of the permanent modular construction sector. MBI contracted with Sage Policy Group and its CEO Anirban Basu to conduct the analysis this year. You may recall Basu as the popular (and funny) economist that speaks at MBI’s annual World of Modular Conference.

As always, thank you for your continued support of the industry association and stay tuned in for more news.
Started on August 5, 2017 by Tom Hardiman
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