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I was reading an article in the latest edition of BD&C Magazine featuring “11 Great Solutions – clever ideas and novel innovations for 2016” when something hit me. While some of the ideas really are new and pretty cool, I found several to simply be standard, tried and true industry practices.

For example, innovation # 7 is a mobile emergency room that arrived just in time for a hospital in Alabama to begin construction of its new permanent emergency department. Now, that’s cool and all, but I was on hand in Mobile, Alabama in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Companies like Acton Mobile and Wilmot Modular donated buildings that were used as mobile emergency rooms in the parking lots of churches so the doctors and nurses didn’t have to work in 90 degree temps with 90% humidity. At least ten years late on this one, fellas.

Innovation #8 was described as a “novel construction approach” to help speed up construction projects in California, using pre-engineered components to deliver school buildings. Called the Folia system, this novel approach is “much faster than conventional building methods.” Novel indeed, wish some of you would have thought of that.

I say all of this with a slightly sarcastic tone and with tongue in cheek, as the writers at BD&C surely must be aware of what we folks call “Modular Construction.” But in all seriousness, this industry has done some pretty innovative things over the years, but often take them for granted as just business as usual. Before “green” was cool or required, not many others were renovating and moving entire buildings for secondary purposes. We do it mainly as a practical business model, but it was innovative nonetheless!

Keep up the good work. Perhaps in ten years we will hear that entire hotels and hospitals are being built offsite as well.
Started on August 22, 2016 by Tom Hardiman
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