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Top Markets Identified for 2016

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As part of MBI’s “Five in Five” Initiative to grow the modular market-share to 5% in 5 years, we have identified the top markets in 2016 by total forecasted expenditures. As a first step, MBI divided North America into ten geographic regions as identified in our 2015 annual reports. We then looked at the top three markets in each of those regions.

The multifamily and education markets appeared in the top three markets for all ten regions, while retail/commercial markets appeared in six regions and offices appeared in the top three markets in two regions. The healthcare market, while consistently in the top five markets across the board, appeared in the top three markets only in the Eastern Canadian region. As such, MBI plans to concentrate its marketing efforts heavily in the multi family, educational, and retail/commercial markets, with stronger efforts in the office and healthcare markets in certain regions.

This data helps to guide MBI’s PR committee in determining which publications to approach with stories and which events to attend. It also helps our events team determine when and where to plan modular summits and similar events. Lastly, it helps our business development committee identify potential members and partners.

New for 2016, we are asking our fleet owners, contractors, and associate members to help with this effort. Currently, the MBI Seals program provides the revenue to fund these outreach efforts, with the member manufacturers driving this revenue. Nothing will change in that regard, other than asking these other segments of our membership to support the Five in Five efforts directly.

MBI will be sending out more information about how you can help in early 2016, with much more details at the annual convention. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about the Five in Five initiative or the Seals program, please email
Started on December 16, 2015 by Tom Hardiman
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