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I was wondering if any other companies are migrating to Revit.
We just finished our first classes on Revit 2012 Architecture and am setting up our templates. Have schuled the Revit MEP 2012 classes.
It would nice if we had a Modular Building Revit place to share Famlies at. The wall hung HVAC's are something that has to be created.

Rex Walker, LEED AP BD+C
Major Projects Engineering Manager
BOXX Modular
Started on January 4, 2012 by Rex Walker
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Thanks for the comments. I was glad to see the Revit 2013 release, I can now work all the disiplines at one time. That took some doing to set it up and I am not completely done yet. I still have to tweak duct connectors. I am looking toward the future with great anticipation as the Modular Industry moves to these type programs. The ability to send the files to Green Building Studio and run Energy Calculations is great for any other LEED AP's like me. I am also finding the discussions in Linkedin to be pretty good source of information. I am amazed at how AutoDesk has dropped the price for the Premimum Package. Its not much more than what AutoCad MEP was 5 years ago. I am looking forward to learning more about Navisworks and 3Ds Max to enchance the Revit files.
Updated on May 29, 2012 by Rex Walker

We moved over to REVIT exclusively for all our design work in 2007. Results have been overly positive with the collaboration within our office. Adoption in our industry has been slow or reluctant as we've yet to work on a modular project utilizing REVIT's team collaboration tools. However, I can tell you that for basic drafting, design development and construction documents we've seen improvements in time spent with basic detailing, scheduling and everything thing else you'd expect to save time with under a BIM package. The learning curve can be steep and we still tear our hair out over the smallest things. REVIT, at least its structural package, isn't well set up for modular construction, we've found, as it has a hard time distinguishing elements that shouldn't be connected between our small growth allowances on our gridlines. We've come up with a novel solution to address that. It's a program with a lot of nuances and challenges, the pay off can be hard to achieve. Good luck.

-Pedro Tavares, R&S Tavares Associates

At Williams Scotsman, we have utilized Revit 2012 for our Sales Reps. presentation to Existing and New Clients. They have received many great returns as to being rewarded a new contracts. However for presentation use we Do not show HVAC equipment. There is a site that I use to add new Families to our current need and its call (Revit City).

Just the other day when I was looking for another detail in revit, I came across a Modular Building with Units attach.

There is not a lot of detail but it will drive the point across, and you can download that file and do a little tweaking on it yourself as well. I hope this will help you in your search. And yes it would be nice if we had a more independent place to add Families.

-Keith McKnight, Williams Scotsman

We have been using Revit at Whitley Manufacturing for over a year now and feel that the system offers many benefits especially on large, custom projects or projects utilizing a hybrid of conventional and modular construction. The availability of pre-created Families is still problematic for some items (i.e. wall-mount HVAC units), but Revit and BIM are rapidly becoming the ‘standard’. There are some sites like RevitCity where Families can be shared, but these are not specific to modular construction. If anyone would like to discuss the benefits of using BIM / Revit on custom modular projects, please do not hesitate to contact me at (260) 723-5131.

-John Morrison, Whitley Manufacturing

I just wanted to add that I have created a Bard 3 ton wall hung and its at Revit City.

-Rex Walker, BOXX Modular
Updated on May 29, 2012 by Erin Whitt

We are currently in the process of moving to Revit as well. We are also taking a 10 week course in Revit to be completed in July. Family creation, templates, etc to begin by beginning of June 2012. Excellent idea to have a Modular Building Revit place to share families.
Updated on May 17, 2012 by Ron Hegdahl

Revit has been over hyped and over sold! But don't get me wrong - and it may not sound like it - I'm very much in favor of it! It's the system within which we have to work with it that sucks. Until the lawyers step out of the way and allow the entities to share it like it should be shared, it's worthless. You can accomplish the same thing in AutoCad. Revit does not allow you to easily correct some of it's attributes easily and you spend more time trying to correct the errors it generates. I think they released it way too early. If the end customer is not going to use the "I" or information part of BIM, again, you're wasting your time. I just wish groups within a project team (Architects, GC's, Sub-Trades, etc.) would share the drawings without fear of "legal responsibility". Other than that, it does have great potential to resolve conflicts during drawing vs. during construction.
Updated on May 17, 2012 by Don Engle

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