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Salem Transit

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Modern Building Systems, Inc.
Salem, OR
Building Use:
Restroom & Ticket Booth
Gross Size of Project:
1368 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Placing modular buildings in the busiest section of a city, directly at the street edge, presents some interesting design concerns. Salem Keizer Transit Authority was forced out of their newly built complex and found that they required an operations office and restroom facility at their main transit location. Modular construction was the perfect solution to their dilemma due to site constraints, public opinion and time concerns. After several fast paced meetings with city planners and the owners, the decision was made to provide a 720 squarefoot, four room (two for customers and two for employees) high use restroom facility and a 672 squarefoot customized customer service building with teller windows, storage area and security office. Exterior appearance of the buildings was enhanced to blend with the downtown area by incorporating a continuous fabric awning extending over the landings and durable cementitious lap siding meant to complement the surrounding buildings.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The restroom facility serves customers continuously at a rate over 200 per hour. This high demand necessitated durable flushometer fixtures and low sone rated exhaust fans. Antibacterial surface finishes reduce transmission of viruses. ADA entry doors have high use servo controlled track mounted sliding opening systems and heavy use hardware. Proximity to the downtown area required that the building be painted with anti-graffiti paint to mitigate possible vandalism to the building. At Modern’s suggestion, a unique clear siloxane product that creates a non-stick surface was applied. High traffic loads and the overall design of the Restroom building required a full walkway along the front of the building with access stairs and ramp. Modern recommended a state of the art system consisting completely of a combination of recycled and recyclable materials. Interlocking polymer panels combine with recyclable aluminum to create a structural, non-skid, well drained, quiet surface.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    High traffic buildings require the customer to understand that the trade off for using less durable products will eventually cost more over the lifetime of the building. Working from this premise, Modern provided numerous quality products including high end vinyl coved flooring, polymer based non-corrosive stall partitions, high efficiency water heaters and externally mounted heat pumps. Because of code required ventilation of the Restroom building, demand for heating/cooling in the restroom was tied into a motion sensor and controlled by independent dampers to regulate individual use areas of the building and minimize exhausting of conditioned air. Modern Building Systems, Inc. has been certified as an EarthWISE company and is proud to have utilized recycled composition products and locally available sustainable forest products as the standard for all of the products used for construction of this project.
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