Modular Building Institute

Cambridge Lakes Learning Center

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Whitley Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Presidential Services
Pingree Grove, IL
Building Use:
Elementary School
Gross Size of Project:
19100 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Cambridge Lakes Learning Center (CLLC) is a multi-building campus joined by prefabricated corridors. Set in the midst of a residential development, the campus uses parapets and clerestories to create a varied facade. Modular units of varying sizes are situated around high-ceiling, site-built “kivas”, creating an irregular footprint with visual appeal. A clean, modern interior with visible, white-painted structural steel, galvanized spiral ductwork, an exposed ceiling with high insular properties, and vibrantly colored accent walls and casework deliver an exciting learning environment. The exterior of the building features fiber cement panels in cut stone, brick, and wide-lap siding finishes. Each classroom is designed with five natural activity centers, creating unusual flexibility for teachers. Day-lighting and passive lighting are used to improve efficiency and support active learning in the classroom.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    An innovative hybrid approach combining modular components and site-built elements was used to produce the finished building. Central, steel-structured “kivas” with high ceilings and expansive clerestory windows were site-built and the modular units were set around this, forming an interior layout designed for flexibility and a visually appealing exterior. To create a modern aesthetic, the steel of the roof system was exposed and painted white, galvanized spiral duct was used, and sustainable, acoustical panels above the structural steel comprise a well-insulated roof system that also reduces sound transmission. The accelerated delivery schedule and off-site approach of modular construction, allowed the school to scale their facilities to match enrollment. In order to keep disruption to the campus to a minimum, the modular units were built in the factory during the spring, with the balance of work occurring over the summer. The entire building was open to students in September.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The building was designed to deliver value through reduction in up-front costs and long-term savings through reduced operating costs delivered by energy-efficient features and systems. The exterior of the building was clad with a uniquely manufactured fiber cement panel product in cut stone, brick, and wide-lap siding finishes that delivers superior performance and durability at a reduced cost in comparison to traditional masonry. Insulation was increased throughout the building, including the use of structural acoustical panels with integrated rigid insulation with rigid insulation above. Energy efficient, three-phase packaged HVAC units are roof-mounted and screened behind parapets, preserving the exterior aesthetic. Commercial-grade windows and doors with dual pane, Low-E glazing were used throughout the entire structure. Extensive value engineering and close coordination of the project team developed an optimal scope of work that delivered maximum value to the client.
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