Modular Building Institute


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Main Category:
Marketing Piece Entry
Lafaete Rentals
Date of Initial Distribution:

Award Criteria

  1. Specific Medium Used
    Internet, Website
  2. Target Audience
    Developers, Employees, Clients, Mining and Construction companies and modular building enthusiasts.
  3. Methodology
    Brand Identity Prism created with employees and clients to reflect our characteristics & values.
  4. Message to be Communicated
    A reliable, innovative, modern, agile and hands on Company that offers Retail and Rental solutions.
  5. Distribution
    Internet, LinkedIn, Website, Instagram and Lafaete Intranet
  6. Entry Objective
    Improved customer experience, user interaction, reorganized product information and offer relevant blog content based on SEO strategy. Visually, the site launched a rebranded logo, colors, website design and new landing pages. We have also reformulated our lead generation tools to accompany our clients throughout their journey.
  7. Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries
    In a short period of time we've experienced an increase by 64% website traffic and site content downloads. Visitors also stay longer and interact more with our contents and other social media links.
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