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Boston Pop-Ups – “She Villlage”

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Modlogiq Inc.
Boston, MA
Building Use:
Community Retail Shops
Gross Size of Project:
2100 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    WS Development, the client, envisioned these modular “shopping pods” to be a ray of light with the skyscraper back-drop of Boston Harbor’s cityscape. Located along the charming and bustling Boston Seaport, the Boston Pop-ups encompass the charm and elegance of the Boston culture. The Boston Pop-up design was inspired by the tiny house movement and dubbed “The She Village”. The vision was to create a block party of local, women owned shops inspired by the independent spirit that Boston is known for. Designed and manufactured to meet and exceed Massachusetts snow loads, wind speeds and seismic parameters, these retail “Pop-ups” were praised by the Boston media and embraced by the local community as a gathering place for both tourists and locals looking for a unique shopping experience.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Set in six hours, the modular approach was the perfect solution in a busy metropolitan area with very limited laydown area, and a challenging urban geography. WS Development’s vision came to fruition as these shopping popped out, overnight, in front of the skyline on the Boston Harbor. These pods were built together off-site, ensuring the proper fit and finish, then loaded onto double-drop deck trailers with air ride suspension for the journey from Pennsylvania to Boston. Every pod was engineered with rood top lifting lugs for a fast set- these pods were set in less than one day. Locals who walk the harbor every day were amazed to see a new shopping destination appear virtually overnight.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Utilizing off-site construction, high Boston labor costs were mitigated. MODLOGIQ completed the Boston Pop-ups in a controlled environment in less than 45 working days, eliminating weather delays, and drawn out schedules due to limited contractor availability. As part of a speed to market strategy, off-site construction allowed shop owners and the developer to start generating revenue much sooner than conventional construction. The project required using high quality finish materials – which were sourced from deep pools of vendors, and allowed for competitive pricing with cost certainty. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing subcontractors were competitively bid to provide the developer with the best prices possible for the project.
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