Modular Building Institute

Enfant-du-Monde School for Montreal School Board

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
RG Solution
Montreal, Quebec
Building Use:
6 Temporary Classrooms
Gross Size of Project:
8150 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    First story: 3 classrooms (24'x22') for elementary school, restrooms for boys, restrooms for girls, stairs to get to 2nd floor. Second story: 3 classrooms (24'x22') for elementary school, Lounge and restrooms for teachers, stairs to get to 1st floor. The interior design is in accordance with school board and architects request, with painted gypsum with molding, large windows, school grade doors and hardware, high performing soundproof walls, low ITS HVAC system. The exterior design of the temporary building was done to be in harmony with the exterior appearance of the school; steel siding with painted fiber cement board inserts. The fiber cement board inserts facing the street were painted by a local artist. This complex with 6 classrooms is one of a total of 54 classrooms built and installed for the school boards. Those classrooms are under a rental agreement for 3 years while we expect they will be there for many more years. The modules were installed on screw piles.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Since no openings were done on the North side of the building, curtain walls were design and built in the factory in order to respect the city rule requiring having specific % of windows facing the street. Architects representing the client who knew very little about modular were afraid that the sound is easily transmitted between floors given the wood structure. The modular approach, including a suspended ceiling with acoustic tiles and acoustically strong insulation wool, has proven that the ITS factor between floors is extremely efficient. Stairs made of steel were installed in two pieces in the bottom module at the factory. Following the installation of the upper module, the second piece of stairs was raised and fixed. We saved a lot of time on the job site. The building exterior design was done so it does not look like a building with boxes with joint. The exterior siding was done in the factory in a way that it could easily be installed and dismantled at job site.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    All classrooms and stairwells modules are identical, resulting in an efficient and productive factory approach. The RG Solution team performed the installation of the classes, which allowed for a simple and effective coordination, allowing a better control of the costs. The design and installation of the piles were also under the supervision of RG Solution, which ensured an integrated approach between fabrication, delivery and site installation.
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