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Tiny Cabin

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Tecno Fast S.A.
Chile, All
Building Use:
Hotel, cabins and personal use
Gross Size of Project:
526 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    In the United States the concept of Tiny Homes is widespread, given its size and mobility advantages, which generated a tendency to live with the essentials and at lower costs from maintaining large homes. We collected this principle, and created Tiny Cabin by Tecno Fast. Technically Tiny Cabin is a house of 263.7 square feets of surface, with an efficient, minimalist and high-quality design. Each one has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, closet and additional services such as an electric lock and alarm. The offer includes two modern designs, which were in charge of the renowned Chilean architects Mathias Klotz and Felipe Assadi. Conceptually, the Tiny Cabin designed by Mathias Klotz is designed to share and enjoy with the family, with a living room that connects with a natural environment. The creation of Felipe Assadi is a space that prioritizes resting with a privileged view from the bedroom. The purpose is that they can enjoy a minimalist and sustainable space.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The Tiny Cabins are prefabricated transportable steel structure modules that together and arranged adjacently generate a single-family home. The modules have the following exterior measurements: width 3.44 m; 6.94 m long; high 2.80 m, dimensional tolerances of +/- 1cm. The partitions and walls consist of plasterboard, glass wool and OSB. Ensuring excellent acoustic measures, protection against fire and, above all, temperature, providing a module manufactured and designed for harsh weather conditions. The exterior cladding consists of a panel made of 2 aluminum sheets and a plastic core, giving it a modern and minimalist look. The roof is covered in liquid membrane, making it difficult to reach complicated and complex places such as the 2-channel canals, providing maximum impermeability. The windows, thermo panel with aluminum frames provide a good seal to the outside even though maintaining the indoor temperature either cold or hot.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    This last May we launched the project by calling on those people who have land in areas with high tourism potential so that they can have one or more Tiny Cabin, which we would give them for rent. The methodology was based on registering on our website, completing the application form and submitting a series of documents. At the end we obtained more than 1,000 applications from all over our country, from the most extreme zone to the most deserted area, from which we selected the 50 best projects. Today, 4 months have passed since the closing of the applications and we have installed Tiny Cabin’s throughout Chile, of which 10 of them are located at 1,897 km distance from our factory, on the shore of General Carrera Lake in Chilean Patagonia.
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