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DC DGS Ready Center

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Modular Genius, Inc.
Whitley Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Washington, DC
Building Use:
Detention Center Visitation Center
Gross Size of Project:
3880 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    A turnkey 2 story 3,880 sqft detention center visitation center/office space currently located in Washington, DC was renovated for mixed use. The first floor of the building was reconstructed and used as a video visitation center for roughly 30 video visitation booths. Included is a centralized guard booth for visitation surveillance, office space and ADA accessible restrooms. The second floor of the building was reconstructed as an office space for detention center sponsored community programs. The space is configured with multiple offices, conference areas and ADA accessible restrooms. The building is located within the detention facility grounds, so the relocation of an existing modular building was required to obtain the functional space within a short build duration. Additionally, Modular Genius assisted and performed in the design and installation of all required site utilities within the detention facility grounds to service the relocated and renovated modular building.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    As the project was located within the detention center grounds, security requirements were a major planning factor for the project. By using an existing modular building combined with offsite construction methods, the project was completed in a short duration and allowed for a secure site and minimal site disturbance. Outside of the building construction and setup, Modular Genius was able to assist in the overall project construction. Included in the project was site construction of an electrical building, site sewer system, site water supply and the installation of a backup natural gas generator system to support the entire building. Additionally, during the offsite work period, Modular Genius was able to design and procure the required materials for the modification work and layout of the revised building design. During the site work all permitting and city approvals for the building were being completed, making the setup and install process for the building more efficient.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    With DC DGS contracting Modular Genius to relocate and renovate the two-story structure, the city was able to save considerable cost by re-use of their owned building; as well as, take advantage of the speed to completion and minimal site disturbance at which modular construction offered. With this project being located within the detention center grounds, complete traditional construction methods would have extended the overall project schedule by 2-3 times the modular project schedule. With the project was located within the city limits, the wage rates requirements for workforce employment and overall resource availability would have substantially increased the overall project budget and possibly prevented the project from occurring. Complete on-site construction methods for this project would have created additional costs and time for this project as well.
  4. Project History
    The Two-story modular building was originally built as a 5-B (combustible) Use facility to house fire DC’s department staff, including kitchen facilities, restrooms, bunk rooms and office space. Modular Genius took the original layout design and reconfigured the building to the new layout to fit within the original structure of the existing two-story building. Minimal structural steel modifications or additions were required to create this new layout. The existing two-story building had recently been removed from a site in NW Washington, DC and was relocated to a holding yard owned by the city. At the holding yard, MGI was able to perform various preliminary offsite work to speed up the required time to install the building at the new location. Then the remaining major renovation work was completed on site; to include comprehensive change in building use, reconfiguration of the building layout on first and second floor and new interior finishes.
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