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Carey Baptist Grammar M-Link Building

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Fleetwood Building Solutions
Melbourne, Victoria
Building Use:
Middle School Decanting Building
Gross Size of Project:
1176 Square Meters
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Despite the short-term nature of the project as a temporary, 24-month decanting solution, the Carey project was designed as a bespoke response to the client brief and school environs, including custom cladding treatments and connections with the school’s built environment. The general learning areas link seamlessly with connecting outdoor walkways, deck areas and the linking bridge plays an important role in facilitating the general flow of traffic of all students and teachers crucial in fostering a temporary home that they can warm to. The building was constructed off site in 65 modules (1176 sqm), which were then separately transported to site and installed. The overall building configuration was optimised to allow future reutilisation in multiple configurations comprised of 4 separate stand-alone double storey buildings.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    A primary consideration for the school was the preservation and future integrity of the hard courts sports area. The footings were designed to minimise damage and allow the courts to be remediated at a minimal cost without compromising the cost effectiveness of the project. All whilst ensuring the buildings were a contextual response to the existing school environment. Fleetwood collaborated with the school’s key stakeholders to ensure the facilities presented a “no compromise” design solution with sector leading education environments synonymous with the calibre of Carey Baptist Grammar School. With a lifespan of 20+ years and the ability to be relocated multiple times, the project delivers on the traditional benefits of transportable construction without sacrificing amenity and contextual response, all whilst leveraging other benefits modular factory prefabrication bring to the procurement process; quality control, time, cost, value, reduced waste, environmental sustainability.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The building was initially built as part of a 24-month lease for decanting purposes as major onsite works take place. When originally conceived, the project was designed with future relocation and end of use in mind, designed to dismantle and reconfigured to create 4 double storey independent teaching buildings without compromising the client brief. Collaborating closely with a client-side project delivery team throughout the process enabled all parties to work through issues identified promptly and proceed with most rectification works prior to the building handover. The ability to manage our offsite manufacturing concurrently with our onsite works provides us with economies of scale and a programme surety that cannot be matched when compared with traditional “insitu” construction. Energy efficient materials were selected where possible with other materials sourced to keep the overall performance of the building in mind and the ability to transport and install the modules successful
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