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Aries Goldsmith Lodge Expansion

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Aries Building Systems, LLC
Turnkey Modular
Goldsmith, TX
Building Use:
Workforce Housing
Gross Size of Project:
44064 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Aries Building Systems, LLC was contracted to expand the workforce housing lodge in Goldsmith, TX with 100% modular structures with focus on maintaining a “home away from home” feel. The expansion required the design, fabrication, and installation of 36 modules with a gross total size of 23,064 square feet, plus an additional 21,000 square feet of decks and canopies. This brought the total number of beds in the workforce housing lodge up from 184 total beds to 304 total beds. All modules were relocated from a pre-existing camp site and renovated at the Aries plant location and brought to like-new condition. The additional modules were designed to make efficient use the space with comfortable, well-appointed bedrooms that can accommodate as many or as few guests as needed. The Goldsmith, TX lodge is a full-service facility and this meant that all lodge amenities also had to be expanded and upgraded with up-to-date appliances where necessary.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Before the Goldsmith, TX workforce housing lodge expansion could begin, Aries Building Systems, LLC was called in to access the grade, soil, proximity to water, sewer lines, and connections to other existing structures to ensure that the additional buildings could be safely delivered and installed. This site required structural development to accommodate the additional buildings. Aries focus was maximizing the available space efficiently while respecting the client’s need for future expansion capabilities. The modular buildings which include bedrooms, complete kitchens, laundry and recreational rooms with up-to-date appliances were designed, fabricated and installed in 90 days. The mission was to deliver durable and attractive workforce housing in a short timeline with minimal site disturbance. All additional modules were constructed with steel for durability and installed in a functional and distinctive freestanding floor plan with adequate walking paths between them.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The Goldsmith, TX workforce housing lodge expansion plan required the right modular services and facilities to enhance the home-away-from-home living experience that the lodge was originally going for. By handling every aspect of the expansion project from start to finish, Aries Building Systems, LLC was able to provide the perfect balance of comfort and functionality at reduced costs. The 36 additional modules were relocated from an existing camp facility and refurbished at Aries off-site factory and transported on-site by Aries delivery trucks to guarantee that everything was on time and on budget. Each module was designed and fabricated with advanced engineering strategies that helped reduce the overall cost of the project without compromising the integrity of the design. Several cost-effective alternatives such as time switches and LED lighting fixtures were also used, this helped to reduced material and installation costs.
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