Modular Building Institute

Educational and Promotional Room

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
DMD Modular, Sp. z o.o.
Building Use:
Prototype of Modular Student Units
Gross Size of Project:
279 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Due to the rise in demand for UK luxury student accommodation, DMD was requested to prepare a modular turn-key compact space which integrates quality, design and smartness. The building is being used as a Educational and Promotional Room for a modular housing solutions. It is a model single room based on a module with dimensions 11ft x 25ft. The apartment includes a separate sleeping area, a kitchen and a bathroom, thus constituting a multifunction space. The room was designed on the basis of a module which, owing to its dimensions, enables easy transport and possibility of arranging it in different configurations. Owing to the flexibility of the floor plan, the module can meet the preferences of the investor. It can also be suited to the needs of the disabled or enlarged to create a multi-functional space. In order to give the module a modern look, light materials, large windows were used, and colour was added to the interior. Whole interior and furniture design was provided by DMD.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The structure of the building is based on a steel structure filled with rock wool, which allows for achieving very advantageous heat transfer coefficients, thus limiting energy loss as well as insulation and service costs. The compact body of the building as well as the lack of thermal bridges are conducive to heat properties. The panelling of the structure includes wood-based panels and plasterboards ensuring high acoustic and fire protection properties. The external cladding is ventilated elevation made of fibre-cement boards. The flat roof is covered in EPDM membrane that ensures proper water insulation. All the windows contain triple pane sets as well as a suitable sun protection. Owing to the flexible design, the module can be configured in different layouts, expanded, multiplied and disassembled, thus constituting an innovative and attractive solution for investors.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    To achieve the desired turn-key luxury product in the timeframe required proper combination of materials as well as processes. Climate in the UK required energy efficient buildings with higher levels of wall and roof insulation. Only 4 weeks passed from the preparation of the concept to the finish of the prototype. Owing to DMD employees' experience, we were able to create an attractive and innovative facility in short time. The costs of service of the facility were reduced: double insulation ensures low energy loss, large windows let in light, thus reducing the costs of artificial light, and the possibility of ventilation enables savings on AC. Also, highly effective LED lighting was applied. Due to the ease of multiplication of the module and its elements, the costs of production are relatively low and allow for a precise costs estimation. Adding the possibility of easy assembly and potential relocation, this is an interesting offer for those seeking a quick return on investment.
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