Modular Building Institute

Information Kiosk Ste-Catherine

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Corner Cast Construction Inc.
Montreal, Quebec
Building Use:
Information center
Gross Size of Project:
480 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Corner Cast manufactured & installed this 12’ x 40' project for the city of Montreal to help inform citizens & tourists about the city. The challenge on this project was to take a standard container & convert it into a public space complete with a toilet, admin office, mechanical room, bicycle repair station, information lounge, water fountain, phone charging stations, flatscreen wall, surround sound system & retractable summer deck with universal accessibility. All in a confined space of 480 square foot area. 40 mini LED lights within a 11’x20’ area create a unique starlight effect in the lounge space. This, in combination with a backlit information wall with different colors & lighting to help guide tourists around Montreal with an interactive map, helped to create a colorful & informative ambience within the lounge space. The lounge space also boasts a 7’x8’ television wall comprised of 6 smart LED TV’s which also provided information & media entertainment to visitors.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    All units were built within the factory in Montreal & transported to site in January 2018. Many different systems had to be accommodated within this 480 s.f. space and the project had to be complete within an 8 week period. Using a container as the base we had to increase the size of the unit to 12’ wide from 8’, then structurally reinforce to handle the loads & torque of a side wall that is a retractable summer, deck using a winch system and custom made supporting legs. The bicycle repair station is created from the end wall of the container, cut horizontally it becomes a deck and roof using pneumatic operation. Widening the container to 12’, and having two different operation systems manipulating different side walls required precision and very little tolerances for deformation, requiring additional reinforcements to the rigid container structure. All steel work, high end finishing and audio & video effects were done in only 5 weeks.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The kiosk will be moved 4 times to different locations as per the city’s needs. The unit has a mechanical room & separate washroom for staff within the limited space. Anti graffiti treatment helps save on cleaning products & costly maintenance. At the end of the current use, the unit it will be then used for other events, such as the HQ for Montreal fashion week in the heart of downtown.
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