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Waste Management Payment Scale House

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.
Lewisville, Texas
Building Use:
Payment Scale House at Landfill
Gross Size of Project:
840 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Ramtech’s Pier and Beam Permanent Modular Construction approach was ideal for Waste Management’s rapidly completed 840 square foot scale house. The building was required to sit at the same level as the weigh scales on both sides of the structure, thus elevated concrete piers were utilized with site installed decks and stairs. The exterior of the building was fully bricked with Waste Management’s signature green roof drains, gutters and doors to provide a cohesive appearance with other structures across the disposal site. Inside, a large open office with dual payment windows, full function employee kitchen and break room, and records storage room continued the Waste Management color scheme with green laminate countertops and checkered tile flooring.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The landfill site had been previously built up with non-native soil to control runoff, thus Ramtech had to install four-foot-deep piers to support the weight of the brick-clad structure. The proximity of the building site to the adjacent weigh scales required Ramtech to crane set the module atop the piered grade beams, a practice that we are accustomed to using with our floorless permanent modular application. To best achieve the look of a permanent facility and the durability required by the customer, the interior of the building featured textured, painted walls and a Gyp-crete underlayment with ceramic tile flooring, all of which was site-installed. A high efficiency Lennox heat pump with smart thermostatic controls was fitted with a HEPA filter on the fresh air intake to provide an efficient source for heating and cooling the building, while also governing the odors introduced via outside air.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The customer’s key motivations in going modular with this project were limiting the impact to existing operations and controlling direct and indirect costs. This meant it was critical for Ramtech to have the smallest construction footprint possible for the least amount of time. Ramtech’s building was set and finished out while Waste Management contractors concurrently installed new weigh scales and waste disposal vehicles circumvented the construction to weigh and discard loads. Continuous 24/7 landfill operation was never interrupted and Ramtech was onsite for only three weeks. Additionally, and as is the case with most of our type V buildings, there was no lumber wasted while manufacturing the module, and only one 20-yard dumpster was needed to capture the minimal site waste.
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