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Burlington Jet Hangar Lodgings

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Panel Built, Inc.
Tri-Lift NC
Burlington, North Carolina
Building Use:
Pilot Lodgings/Corporate Event Site
Gross Size of Project:
3800 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Andy Albright is the President and CEO of the National Agents Alliance an insurance marketing organization located in Burlington, NC. As a growing firm with clients and associates nationwide, the NAA takes countless cross-country sales trips throughout the year. Andy purchased two personal jets for the company and their very own air hangar to house them in. However, the NAA wanted to make the facility even more distinctive and fun. So, along with their new hangar they wanted to provide a special place for their pilots and employees to sit back and relax before and after flights. He envisioned a place that would offer top-of-the-line lodgings, while also being classy enough to host their very own NAA corporate events in the future. Using an interior decorator to ensure the highest quality, the building contains its own sleeping quarters, restrooms, kitchen space, pool tables, ping-pong tables, flat-screen TVs, and a fully stocked bar.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Generally, Panel Built interior building’s are assembled using a standard gypsum panel which consists of two ⅝” gypsum boards with a polystyrene core. However, since this will be going into a hangar environment, the end customer and dealer decided a custom composite panel would be needed in order to enhance the structure’s durability, make it easier to maintain, and to give it a sleek look, akin to the jets housed in the hangar. The custom panel combines a steel exterior, powder coated black and a vinyl covered gypsum interior that provides the building with a well insulated inside.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Panel Built’s modular design provided a distinct advantage for Mr. Albright and the NAA. Through a process called Mass Customization, Panel Built saves material cost by utilizing similar materials in all of our inplant projects. For the jet hangar lodgings, all of the wall panels include our polystyrene core, but the outside of the composite panels used either a gypsum or steel outside. Since, Panel Built uses gypsum walls for interior buildings and steel for exterior, and Panel Built manufactures all panels in house, they were able to mix-and-match these frequently using materials to save the end customer money overall.
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