Modular Building Institute

Yallourn North Primary School (Victorian School Building Authority Permanent Modular Program)

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Fleetwood Building Solutions
Yallourn, Victoria
Building Use:
Prep to Grade Six School Facility
Gross Size of Project:
886 Square Meters
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The design of the building has enhanced the school’s pedagogical approach by providing non-directional general learning areas allowing teachers to move freely around the spaces and operate from any location in the room. This flexibility is supported by the furniture selection for each of the spaces allowing for numerous configurations depending on the learning/teaching activities that are being undertaken and can be rearranged to foster small or large group activities in classrooms, or independent learning. The building was constructed off site in 27 modules (886sqm), which were then separately transported to site and installed. Incorporating onsite brickwork into the build was a vital aspect of creating the look and feel of a traditional build with the benefits of modular prefabrication. The outdoor play spaces and deck area play an important role in facilitating group activities crucial in fostering a sense of belonging for students with vibrant colors creating a welcoming presence
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Fleetwood collaborated with the design development of the Yallourn North Primary School to ensure the materials and finishes created a contemporary and leading education environment with the high-quality education spaces being delivered. The permanent modular construction is like a well-crafted traditional “insitu” project. All this whilst leveraging the benefits modular factory prefabrication bring to the procurement process; quality control, time, cost, value, reduced waste, environmental sustainability. The structural systems and construction methods exceed the standards set under the Australian National Construction Code. Building offsite in a factory environment and transporting to site translates into a structural system that economically delivers superior outcomes. Structural steel components are of the highest quality, Australian product supporting local industry and treated to ensure performance is equal to or better than that required for similar projects delivered “insitu"
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    With the building part of a four-year program of works it has represented an opportunity to refine our manufacturing processes, resulting in further improvements in time and cost efficiencies with projects of a similar scope. Collaborating closely with a client side project delivery team throughout the process enabled all parties to work through issues identified promptly and proceed with most rectification works prior to the building handover. The ability to manage our offsite manufacturing concurrently with our onsite works provides us with economies of scale and a program surety that cannot be matched when compared with traditional “insitu” construction. Energy efficient materials were selected where possible, with the roof sheeting being a light color to reflect the sun, rather than absorb heat and increase required cooling loads across the building. Strategically located windows allow for natural light from multiple directions into the space minimizing the total energy consumed.
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