Modular Building Institute

Alrode Office Project

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Modular Site Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
Container Conversions (Pty) Ltd
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Building Use:
Inland Administration Office
Gross Size of Project:
5382 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The Clients brief requested an ‘open plan’ admin office centre with general facilities and zones/spaces to affect a ‘comfortable’ working environment for staff. The most significant aspect of the Container Conversions (Pty) Ltd - Alrode Office design is the incorporation of all 3 modular systems used in their business, namely Containers, Flat Packs and double skin insulation panels used in the construction of Park (Modular) Homes. This provides their staff with the exact feeling a customer would experience when procuring any of these products from them, that of a bright, crisp, clean professional but practical approach to business. We approached the jigsaw puzzle by using various unit sizes and boxes -set within a perimeter set out for our footprint. Although modular in nature, the structure by no means resembles building block design. The AO allows Container Conversions (Pty)Ltd to demonstrate to its customers that the price, quality and design of their offices is the best option.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The multi facet use of shipping containers, flat packs and Park(Modular) Home insulated panels provided solutions, both technical and aesthetic to the completed structure. Used shipping containers provided the strong foundation for the first floor to rest on, and once insulated with chromadek panels provide excellent insulation against the hot summers and cold winters experienced on the Hiveld. The interior boast a double volume work area and executive upstairs joined by a floating wooden walkway, while large windows provide large amounts of natural light. The durability of the product is well tested and can stand many years of exposure. It can also be easily reformed and added to for various applications. From a technical innovation & sustainability point, these units can be easily dismantled and removed to another location – and does not leave an ugly footprint of unusable rubble and remains.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    This project proved to reach ‘unheard of’ project periods of less than 2.5 months of start / occupy premises of approximately 500m² (5382 sq.ft.) of offices. Over and above the efficient tongue and groove fitment of wall and insulation panels, all other fixings are held in place using rivets. At high strength and low cost, and with no future maintenance, these provide the best solution between function, fit and form. The use of powder coated wall panels and aluminium trim finishing’s further reduce the upkeep and maintenance of the structure, both internally and externally. Only the ground floor containers may require a fresh coat of paint every 5-7 years, but the majority of these are located on the south side of the building by design, and don’t see much sun. The modular units are held together on the corner castings by welded plates. To disassemble for relocation purposes, the entire structure could be relocated and reassembled on a new site, making expansion and a move simple.
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