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Horizon North Corporate Magazine

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Main Category:
Marketing Piece Entry
Horizon North Logistics Inc.
Date of Initial Distribution:

Award Criteria

  1. Specific Medium Used
    Print magazine
  2. Target Audience
    All Horizon North stakeholders, including employees, customers, contractors, and prospects
  3. Methodology
    Storyboard brainstorming, leadership interviews, writing, editing, graphic design, ad construction
  4. Message to be Communicated
    We are an industry-leading company providing an exceptional experience through our diverse offerings
  5. Distribution
    All Horizon North sites, and to sales team for meetings/events with current/prospective customers
  6. Entry Objective
    Horizon North has undergone a journey of change over the past three years, growing from a company with a reliance on the oil and gas industry to one with a diverse portfolio of modular solutions and industrial services. With rapid change, it can be difficult to keep employees and customers informed about where the company is going and what the new aspects of the business are doing. Our vision was to move beyond the traditional marketing pieces to create an ambitious, visually impressive magazine with content that encompasses everything about the new Horizon North. The magazine showcases our offerings and tells stories about our people, our accomplishments and our history. To educate our employees, magazines were delivered to all Horizon North camps, manufacturing facilities and offices. To educate our customers, the sales team and key leaders were given copies to distribute to their contacts. The magazine is also on our website for the public to learn about everything we provide.
  7. Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries
    It is still early to gauge the full impact of the magazine, having been in circulation for two weeks at this time. So far, it has fulfilled our intention to start a conversation with our prospects, stakeholders and communities. In the long term, it is our belief that the magazine's wide distribution will see positive effects for two significant groups: Employees: With dozens of sites across the west and north of Canada, it can be difficult for employees working in isolated regions or roles to get the full scope of what the company is doing. This magazine will give all employees a broad picture of everything our company offers. Customers and Prospects: For customers and prospects interested in working with Horizon North, the magazine's in-depth look at everything we do will allow them to see how we can meet their needs and may peak interest in other offerings. The project profiles and case studies that showcase our work and its impact will be key in building customer awareness.
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