Modular Building Institute

Sunset Prairie Lodge

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Black Diamond Group
Britco Construction/Guerdon/Alta-Fab Structures
Sunset Prairie, British Columbia
Building Use:
Remote workforce housing
Gross Size of Project:
242640 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Completed in 180 days, the 242,640 square foot lodge provides temporary workforce accommodation for up to 1,250 people supporting the building of three new gas plants. The efficient building layout allows for quick movement between entry, private rooms and public areas. The dorm modules and kitchen complex were installed in phases to allow for full and partial use – permitting them to be occupied or disassembled as needed. Amenities include two fitness rooms with commercial grade equipment, a theater room and a games room. The onsite kitchen is capable of accommodating the 1500 residents for three meals a day. The site is equipped with medical rooms and designated, covered parking for an onsite ambulance. The interior was built to a high-quality standard that looks very much like a permanent building – with the diner featuring weathered barn wood along with built in banquets. The kitchen features high ceilings and an open cooking line - much like the newer, high-end restaurants.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The fully self-sustainable camp is the epitome of modular versatility, efficiency, and customization. Worker comfort in suites was provided with independent heating/cooling systems and the latest P-tac technology - allowing each person the ability to regulate temperature per personal needs and preventing the need for common duct work. Low flow mechanisms on taps, AWWA potable standards and distribution system and a permitted wastewater effluent field were put into place to ensure environmental considerations were embedded onsite. The units were built to exacting standards, using 2X6 exterior framing with the corresponding high quality pink insulation. Extra efforts were put into the roof insulation to ensure high-quality in heating and cooling efficiency, along with high-quality make up air units to distribute fresh air through the hallways and common areas. Roxwool was used between suites to minimize sound travel resulting in zero noise complaints and a calm and quiet experience.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The project, supporting long-term development plans for the client, was completed by an award-winning equity partnership with the West Moberly First Nations community, providing direct benefits back to their members. The company required the lodge to be constructed as quickly as possible in order to support their ongoing business in the area. The project was completed in only 180 days in part to the building in phases – this also adds to the ease of relocation in the future once the site is decommissioned. The kitchen, which can accommodate 1,500 residents over a 24 hour period, was designed as two fully functioning stations, where half can be relocated whenever necessary, adding to the cost effectiveness of the site. With the use of P-tac technology, energy efficiency was achieved with minimal fuss, saving on power consumption and cost when a guest is away from the work site (the temperature lowers to a more economical setting).
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