Modular Building Institute

St Francis of Assisi Regional Catholic Primary School

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Black Diamond Group
Modular Building Systems
Paddington, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales
Building Use:
Primary School Classrooms
Gross Size of Project:
489 Square Meters
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The primary school project is a functional network of six classrooms, each room providing students with a spacious learning environment, 12 meters by 6.8 meters in size. Three double-stacked complexes, all linked with covered verandahs, afforded the design of a 2.7 meter ceiling height that provided the classrooms with a feeling of space. Aesthetically appealing finishes integrated with existing facilities, creating a non-offensive outlook to nearby neighbours, complementing the surrounding environment. The outdoor color scheme was heritage red and classic cream and included panel rib horizontal and vertical cladding. The stacker frame became an architectural feature – it was painted black, adding a commercial non-industrial look to the building. By stacking units, a valuable playground/basketball court space was made available on this exceptionally restricted site footprint.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    With only a two week period to install the buildings, it was critical they were ready for occupation at the start of the academic year. To ensure this timing was met, Surefoot concrete free foundation systems were used. This eliminated the need for any excavation and concrete footings, which in turn limited the damage caused to the basketball court where the temporary buildings were located. It also allowed for all 36 footings to be installed in two days and the accuracy of the footings is within millimeters (critical for a structural steel frame). In order to stack the buildings, a demountable steel frame was designed that was easily installed and prefabricated offsite. The units are independent of each other and can be used as a single story or two story structure – ensuring flexibility for future projects as well as a great sound barrier between floors. Modular stairs and landings, prefabricated offsite as well, were bolted into the frame to allow access to the second floor.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Working in conjunction with a range of manufacturers, and after consultation with the private and public sector, Black Diamond has standardized hire fleet classrooms providing a very cost effective building and installation solution to clients. Buildings have been fine-tuned to provide best value for money including steel framed, standardized designs. Optimized standardized materials, with internal and external linings all precut to size, are environmentally friendly and provide minimal wastage. This project is located on a very busy street in Sydney so crews worked at night when they could shut down the road in order to crane lift the buildings over trees; cost-effectively relocating and easily moving the buildings within the space restricted city center. Modularized stairs, landings and stacker frames are easily relocated on standard semi-trailers, providing cost effective first time and future usage. The structures are designed for ease of storage enabling multiple uses.
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