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Pulte Homes Reverence Sales Office

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
United Rentals - Storage & Office Solutions
Advanced Modular Mfg
Las Vegas, NV
Building Use:
Sales Office for Housing Project
Gross Size of Project:
2160 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    This 36’ x 60’ modular building was designed as a sales office and information center and includes two private sales offices with glass walls that view lot locations and design samples. Both the interior and exterior are embellished with native stone. The interior and exterior walls are painted with varying desert themed colors. The ceiling and interior walls are taped, textured and painted with a smooth finish that allows the design and style to flow from one area to another without interruption. Wood floors and stainless steel accents throughout the building help to round out the modern appearance of the display area. Landscaped exterior includes grassy areas and stone that complement the dark coloration of stone extending up and over the roof. The exterior has been heightened by parapet wall and stone extension, hiding the roof mounted heat pumps from view. Custom embellishments around the windows are shaded with flat steel awnings supported by steel tension bars.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The client had a very aggressive schedule for the opening of their long term sales office. This building had to be pit-set as part of the permit requirements of the local jurisdiction. In addition it needed to match the surroundings and appear to be site built. The site built option was unrealistic due to the ninety day timeframe to design, build, transport, set and finish the building. A modline door presented a small challenge that was solved by posting both sides of the door and cantilevering the roof beams. The EPDM roofing allowed for an inexpensive solution to the slightly pitched roof that drains from scuppers through the parapet walls. The entry was enhanced with a stone wall and steel awning that protect a storefront door and glass from the desert elements. Windows and doors were selected based on insulation properties and installed on site, meeting the low energy requirements of this building.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Many of the cost savings arose from finishes being applied on site. By having less handling of materials and labor, we were able to utilize high quality finishes at a lower cost. This building is quite simple to relocate, needing only two days for tear down and four days to set up at a new site. Exterior stucco is lightweight and easily transitioned when reconnected. This sales office and information center allows the customer to have future homeowners on site for tours of the nearby model homes while also informing them about finishes, floor plans and lot locations.
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