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ATCO Sabinco Website

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Marketing Piece Entry
ATCO Sabinco
Date of Initial Distribution:

Award Criteria

  1. Specific Medium Used
  2. Target Audience
    Prospects and customers interested in modular products and projects in South America.
  3. Methodology
    Designed for SEO optimization, lead generation and responsive design for mobile devices.
  4. Message to be Communicated
    We are a leading modular infrastructure supplier in South America, from offices to camps.
  5. Distribution
    Online, indexed by search engines, with online ads and social media targeting segmented audiences.
  6. Entry Objective
    The website is both a powerful and fundamental marketing tool that allows potential customers to find the information they need on their own terms, anytime, anywhere, and without pressure. With the new ATCO-Sabinco partnership, it was the perfect opportunity to create a new website using a mix of vivid imagery and written content that conveys our brand values, product offerings, portfolio of completed projects and news about our company, as well as to capture new leads. Our About Us section tells our story about who we are as a company and our approach; the Products and Services section details what we offer, along with floor plans to help prospects visualize the use of space; our Projects section illustrates the application and the potential of modular construction; and our News section updates our customers and potential investors on our company’s activities— giving our prospects the information they need to get started on their modular construction project in South America.
  7. Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries
    An ever-evolving project and sales tool, the website has been generating steady impressions and leads since its launch. To date, there has been more than 21,000 unique page views and more than 90 new leads for our sales team. By incorporating a call to action (Cotice Aqui | Request Quote) on all the pages, we’ve made it easier for visitors to make contact via our lead generation forms. As a brand new site, our domain authority increased 20 times, and 64% of our traffic is organic. The website establishes our corporate presence in South America and authority in modular construction. Not only can prospective customers find most of the information they need to embark on a new construction project right at their fingertips, our metrics indicate the exact product areas that our audience is interested in, helping us deliver better information and relay information to our sales representatives that in turn serves our customers better.
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