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IOL Lunchroom Office Complex

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Kent Homes, a division of J.D. Irving, Ltd.
Saint John, New Brunswick
Building Use:
Lunchrooms - Locker Room - Office
Gross Size of Project:
41160 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    These buildings replaced a "Trailer village" in a much needed site improvement for Irving Oil Limited. The yearly turnaround and maintenance on the oil refinery sees the work force swell from 1500 employees to 4500+ employees which are represented in a combination of direct hires and contract employees. These employees need lunchrooms, offices for staff, locker rooms and washroom facilities. For many years in the past each company was responsible to rent their temporary offices resulting in an unsightly trailer village. Looking to the future this complex includes two large industrial complexes which house lunchroom and locker rooms on the main floor with double switchback stairs leading to a large shared office complex that occupies the entire second floor. A mix of boardrooms, single offices and bullpen style spaces is a flexible solution. The two units are C-shaped and face each other, sandwiching a large commercial lunchroom hut that serves the boilermaker and trade employees.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The Irving Oil Limited site is a high security site with strict site controls. The impact of construction on this site is costly and time consuming. Each of these complexes was able to be completed installed on site in three days, because of careful planning before the install. The time saved on site is a serious innovation for the team at IOL who needs to focus on the refinery. Two story also reduced site space needed. This build represents a huge reduction in headaches overseeing the influx of single box rentals and the security implication and site setup of these each year - now the complex is available to be used as needed each year. The builds are simple 12 x 60 boxes with one longer box on each end forming the C and housing the large stairwells that lead up into the office complex. This efficiency in multiple boxes of a similar configuration is always a technical benefit on site during install and while being manufactured in the plant.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Kent Commercials primary goal is to build a better, smarter building for their customers. While they may not always be pretty, they are hard working and smart in their use of space and economy to get the job done. 12' wide modules keep costs down by removing the need for specialized webbed floor or ceiling joist and are a go to size whenever we can. They also keep the transportation and handling options cost effective as they can be transported in regular traffic with the assist on a single escort. Materials like metal siding and EPDM rolled roofing offer a cost effective yet appropriate material approach for these industrial complexes and keep site works down. Building two identical complexes and situating them at 180 degrees near each other created a courtyard and space needed for the additional lunch spaces but keep down costs of inspection, stamping and approval, not to mention the learning on one install is immediately applied to the next saving cost and creating a better build.
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