Modern Times Brewery Kiosk


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Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Pac-Van, Inc.
Affiliate: Camelback Container Services
Location: San Diego, California
Building Use: Merchandise Kiosk
Gross Size of Project: 160 Square Feet
Days to complete: 12

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence

    Hidden inside the Modern Times Brewery tasting room is a 24' shipping container. The bright blue container, with pass through window cut out, has 8' of storage space located within the space. The other 16' of space is used as a kiosk to sell merchandise, beer, and coffee. A large lit marquee sign sits on top of the container which gives it a fun and vintage appeal.

  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability

    A large pass through window was cut out of this container and it was painted bright blue. The cargo doors were removed and a wall was built with a door to access the 8' of storage space. Electricity was added and upon delivery, the counter, wall treatment, shelving, lighting and flooring were added.

  3. Cost Effectiveness

    By utilizing a shipping container they Modern Times Brewery was able to cut down on the cost of building a permanent kiosk within the brewery tasting room. This allows the brewery to transport the kiosk to other spaces for future events.