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Calf Housing and Clinic

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Art's-Way Scientific, Inc.
Paris, Texas
Building Use:
Calf Housing and Health Clinic
Gross Size of Project:
1474 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Designed in collaboration with Daisy Brand, this 36 head 16’ 9” x 88’ Calf Care™ module contains an 181SF pre-heat room that allows conditioned air to be circulated into the calf rooms and provides space for feed/milk mixing in the Texas heat. The area is designed to meet regulatory requirements as outlined by Midwest Planning Service and veterinary staff at Daisy Brands. Laboratory grade casework and fixtures provide clean working surfaces. The interior has a seamless, antibacterial fiberglass reinforced epoxy covering system. Walls and pit corners have 45 degree cove trim fabricated as part of the wall system. The module is fitted with 48” x 72” stainless steel calf stalls on a Tenderfoot plastisol coated steel mesh floor supported over a 9” self-contained pit with reversing scraper system for waste removal. Doors are 28 gauge insulated steel with 22” insulated windows. The exterior is 29 gauge painted corrugated. The building is specifically designed with future expansion in mind.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Circulation of fresh air with a negative pressure ventilation system consisting of variable speed exhaust fans, propane heaters and pad mount air handler provide a consistent comfortable environment that meets per animal performance specifications as recommended by the industry. The variable speed exhaust fans draw air through an evaporative cooling package, entering the animal room through vents in ductwork along to animal room walls. Ducts include 400 CFM inlets to regulate air flow. When cooling is needed under normal conditions, the building air is pulled through the cool cell, connected to a contained pump system. When the room temperature and the outside temp have reached their static pressure settings, the AC unit is activated. The control logic handles all functions including humidity sensors, heat and cooling curtain. Electrical is PVC surface mounted conduit, NEMA 3 panel and wet area fixtures. A scraper system drive unit, reversing switch and polypro blades manage waste.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Daisy Brands faced a critical obstacle with loss of their main calf housing to fire. A quick solution was needed to fill this need. Art’s Way Scientific is able to provide a facility designed in a manner that meets or exceeds existing mandated regulatory requirements, optimizes animal health and comfort, and produces dairy products of the highest possible quality in an expedited timeframe. Studies have shown the calf becomes healthier and more productive when starting out in a stable environment. In our Calf Care modules, young calves experience total comfort and maximum health support in their fragile early days. Mortality rates are significantly reduced and rate gain improved while costs for veterinarian care and medications are lowered. Modular calf housing eliminates the costs associated with bedding and significantly reduces waste management costs. Daisy selected Calf Care for planned expansion with costs and utilities consolidated in preparation for additional buildings.
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