Modular Building Institute

Suncor Energy

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
NRB, Inc.
Vaughan, Ontario
Building Use:
Conven-Store & A&W Food Offering
Gross Size of Project:
3099 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    This unique outlet combines a retail gas convenience store with a quick service restaurant, both working together for optimal sales performance. The design manages to co-brand the store equally for the two distinctive major retailers, blending them together internally and externally with beautiful results. The exterior finish for the Suncor area is EFIS with ledge stone wall panels while the A&W takes on its bright Mandarin red color in metal and tile with the iconic “boomerang” feature on the drive-thru wall . Between the two retailers is a large vertical wall feature of ledge stone making the distinct separation both inside and out. Architectural block surrounds the base of the building for further protection from vehicles. Inside the building features ceramic tile floors, suspended ceiling with recessed LED fixtures, track lighting, pot lights and hanging fixtures to showcase products and services. All millwork is customized to each retailer and preinstalled at the plant.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The building design used NRB’s structural steel post and beam construction, with pre-poured concrete floors replacing the typical slab on grade. This allows the building to be set at the grade level with the modular floor slab assembly suspended and spanning over permanent pier foundations with a crawl space for service connections. Using NRB’s “build together” process, the retail store was completed to about 90% at the plant, including the vertical ledger stone feature wall. All features and finishes including ceramic floors, freezers and coolers, range hoods, point of sale areas and millwork were preinstalled in the building before it left the plant. Parapets were also set in place for fit and finish and then disassembled for transport. Pre-assembling the building during fabrication ensures the modules go back together again seamlessly, reducing on-site time and disruption. This was particularly important due to the variations in the two brands occupying the same space.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The owner took advantage of building indoors with modular construction, avoiding the costly construction costs such as storage, snow removal and temporary heating etc. that is incurred in this climate with building on site during the winter months. This meant that they could also postpone foundation installation until spring for cost reduction; and they knew the building would be ready to install when foundations were in. This meant both retailers would be pumping gas and serving burgers sooner. The building is well insulated with a combination of rigid and batt insulation and features LED lighting and high efficiency gas fired Roof top staged unit for energy conservation.
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